Episode #15

"Back to Sea!"

My boat be in T2A, and it took me a while to get it out and back to d'e old landph....

It'ph been a week phince I phailed d'e high pheaph, pho I take off near d'e pherver lineph looking for traphpapherph. 
After many o hour, I find, "Curph" who be fiphin' in my waterph! AAR! D'ere be only pho many fiph in d'e phea, and d'ey belong to me!

You would d'ink in all d'at meph d'ey woulda had a boat key, but he didn't. 
Curphe didn't take notice to me kiwlin' and looting him, and hiph phpirit phtiwl waph mumblin' commandph
to d'e tiwlerman. It pheemed d'iph poor phoul waph phtuck in a "Fipherman'ph Trance", alpho cawled
"Macroing Unattended!"

An hour later me friend Crazy Joe phent a courier pigeon,
it pheamed "Curphe" waph phtill stuck in a 'fipherman trance' !
Poor fellow!

I find Phigfreid, but he quickly outmanueverph me and I lophe him,
however while looking for him, I found Xanatoph, he be good compenphachion
for d'e loph of Phigfreid!


Arr, I phpot Blackmoon and he tried to phail away, but I be quick, but once I get one hit in, he recawled.
I parked next to hiph boat and waited....maybe he would return later?

He didn't return, but Corin did! I waph an idiot, and dipharmed be bow to drink
a pochiun, but could not rearm d'e bow for 5 phecondph, d'at blunder be d'a death of me.

ARR! Time for a trip to d'e Chaoph Phrine, courtephy of Help-Menu!
I be back in action in no time, and find ROXX.


Arg, Mind Blapht really hurtph Jankph, he a 100/100/25 dex-parrot.


Back to d'e Chaoph Phrine!