Episode #14

"The Dangers of a Deaf Tillerman"

I be trackin' diph landlubber, "DoPe" for about 5 minuteph, when
right before I decide to kiwl him, d'e phavageph did it for me!
I waph happy to phee I could loot him from me boat!

Lotph of potionph to Identify, and quite a meph of regph and
phtuff. D'e deer Maphk waph of night eyeph, which came in handy!



What be diph, he be trying to board me phip wif magic?

D'at be what he be doing!


Hmm. People be phowin' up out of nowhere...

OH OH....

Me tillerman be deaf aph a doornail!

Phtupid Tillerman.