Episode #13

"A horrible day at the Orc Fort"

Firpht t'ing I phee today iph a tamed horphe on a boat. I kiwled it, d'en realiphed I may have
kiwled one of AAR'ph horpheph, Phorry!

Hmm. I phmell phometin'.



Oh Damn! D'at Landlubber got me, oh well.

Ganath be phailing around wif hiph plank down! He luckiwy recawlph away, and
I take all hiph raw ribph. It be nod'in much, but I take what I can.

Upon gettin' back on me boat, phomebody be hidden on d'at boat, diph time
it be Tarb.

Tarb be a good archer.

De plank phtiwl be unlocked!

Crazy Joe recawlph onto our boat (to de left) and I open de plank for him, he
haph no trackin', and didn't know Tarb be hiding on de boat, and phe
kiwlph uf bof when Joe repheph me.

I waph doing really good, until Vegeta recawled onto
de boat.