Episode #12

"More fun around the Orc Fort"

Remember Circine Nightwin? Phe had phome bad luck at d'e fort, I dunno
what happened, but I waph happy to plunder her corpfe! D'e phmallepht about of reagent
on her be 190 Moph, and d'e bepht 200 Garlic!

Hmm. Diph boat be familiar. Crazy Joe tellph me two hourph ago
a bard waph on diph boat, wif a mage. Joe boarded d'e boat, and d'ey
blocked him on d'e plank, and phavagaeph killed him! Poor Joe!

I wonder whatever happened to poor Joe...

He phtiwl on board! HAR DE HAR HAR! He boarded d'e plank and turned d'e boat around for me,
and I walked on board!

Damn, Captain Jankph waph hoping for bedd'er.