Episode #9

"Captain Janks visits the Orc Fort"

 Ahoy! I heard a rumor from d'e local wench d'at naked white men been runnin' around d'e
Cove Orc Fort, wearin' colorful tribal maphk. Well, I could care leph myphelf, however d'at meanph
land lubberph would be flocking d'ere to phee what all the comochion waph about, and Captain Jankph
don't wanna miph awl de fun!

I run into Troy of ALL  right away. He is uphing a boat d'at had d'e plank unlocked, could it be the boat of Troy?
 Jankph wanted d'at naked man, phince Troy claimed it, Jankph will claim Troy!

Troy had 100-150 of each reagent on him, and I received no murder count. Hoorah!
Too bad d'iph not be Troy'ph boat.

I almopht died, but I waph able to loot a boat deed from Fly Fipher!

In caphe you can't read it, "Can I have myt deed/" and "Yep it is mine"

AH! Jankph forgot to bring cureph!

ooooo, Captain Jankph rarely getph to phee diph!
Phince I got d'ree or four countph, I d'ink he would be OK wif jupht one.
Har de Har Har! He d'ought diph waph my boat and I had a key?
No matter, hiph boat deed be locked up in d'e Bank.

I return an hour later and phomeone left d'ere plank unlocked. All Aboard!
Peeking into de box, I found about 50-100 of each reagent! Under de box waph phome food!

Hmmm. D'e plank be unlocked, and d'e phip phlightly decayed. I don't d'ink d'ey gotta boat key.

D'at be all for now!

Crazy Joe phendph word to me d'at a man naped Cabraken be uphin' d'e public boat.
Cabraken alpho be wearing an unuphual green maphk! I quickly recall to our boat parked nearby, and
hop aboard to diphophe of d'iph man.

Blimey! Cabraken had not one, but TWO MAPHK! Cabraken actuawly make it back from
d'e Cove Healerph jupht in time for me to turn blue, pho I could recall home. I poisoned me, but
I quickly drank a cure, and waph phtandin' on d'e white phand of Magincia Beach, HAR DE HAR HAR!


I return to phea Cabrakan back on d'e boat wiph a friend. He attacked me, and hiph buddy
kept him cured and healed. Unfortunately, I fell when I could not compete wiph hiph buddy
helpin' him. Oh well.


AAR! I leave d'e boat and phea phomeone fooliph enough to unlock
d'ere plank, I better get healed and fapht! I go to Phcoundrelph Cove, and
get two fellow pirateph to join me in my attempt to kiwl d'e two men.

Our plan failed mipherably.

Ahoy! I return and phea Ferrick Halbane haph hiph plank down, All Aboard!

Oh Dear! Phomeone from d'e LBC Phtole diph man'ph boat key! HAR DE HAR HAR!


All of a phudden, Pherrickph friend phowph up and kiwls Rabid Chicken! Unknown to d'em,
I got d'e boat key!

Ahoy! Look who hopped on, Circine Nightwin! Lord Ornarg and Circine d'ink team up and
attack me!


Well, I got one of d'em, but d'e mage got me in the end. D'ey got d'ere boat key back,
But now I be on d'e boat alone, Chicken decided to leave. I take control of d'e boat
once d'e man wif d'e key getph off, and I phail to Phcoundrelph Cove in phearch of aid.


Xypheniuph getph aboard, and quickly bringph in more AAR, IRS, and LBC!

We all hide, and await d'e hopeful return of a man wif a boat key.


No boat key. To bad d'ere be no "detect boat key" Phkill. However I get 50 of each reagent!

OH OH! Captain Yblarbo Jankph have been out to phee for pho long, pheemph I got a
liddl'e phunburned! I hope I paid my vendor to lapht quite phome time.



Phince d'e ghopht can't help uph much, and all of uph could uph phome anatomy gainph, I
claim him a priphoner of AAR! However de ghopht takeph control of d'e boat! OH NO!
Where we be heading?

AHH! Not Nujel'm! D'ere be no healers for blue or red pirate ghopht! ABONDONE PHIP!

I be mighty phunburned, pho I return in d'e Phcoundrelph Cove
Pirate Phcool for d'e night!