Episode #8

"Captain Janks meets GOD, and gets his forth Count"

 Ahoy! I be phailin' around T2A today, and I hit d'e phoreph of Cyclopf Valley, and I phea to my diphbelief, d'e remainph of GOD! I diphtract d'e wyvern long enough to loot d'e corpfe of GOD of 100-150 of each reagent! Har de Har Har!
Aph phoon I got back on me boat, it pheemph GOD haph made a triumput return. 


it when
people talk
like diph. 

A Wyvern appeared out of nowhere! AAHHH! D'ey have a habit of walking onto boatph, 
pho I quickly make phome diphtance between me and d'e wyvern, in hopeph he takeph a hankerin'
to GOD inphtead of me. 

What be diph? GOD placed a boat aph phoon aph I phail back! AAH! I d'ought maybe he
had nuthin' worf killin' him for, but Jankph alwayph could uphe a new boat, however I need to get d'at wyvern to
phtop lookin' at me. 

GOD alpho moveph back when I do, to avoid the wyvern. I finally corner him in, and decide tiph time
to deal wif him. 

HAR DE HAR HAR! Paralyzin' Captin' Jankph waphn't a phmart idea, and GOD quickly fell. 
Even d'ough I couldn't reach hiph body from me boat, I already knew d'e plank be unlocked!
Captain Jankph however made a big miphtake, I have no recall phcrollph or bandageph. I can't recawl
off de boat back to mine to get my boat lootin' phupplieph, and I am phtuck wif a ghopht on me new boat. 


I phail around for a lidd'le while to d'ink of a plan. 
My ghopht not be leaving me, I d'ink he already uphed up bo'f of hiph help-menu'ph for today!







GOD iph aph bright aph a bucket of mud,eh?
I tewl him to goto d'e bank.  

Unknown to me, Papau be under attack from Orcph! 

Lookph like GOD beat me to d'e bank!













"Argue not with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level, and beat you with their accumulated years of experience"