Episode #6

"Captain Janks , Third Count!"

 Ahoy! I have good news mateys, today Crazy Joe came aboard to help me with my Healing Skill, and allowed me to use my Silver Prosthetic tongue for the day! Actually, I had to kill the stupid Thief so I could raise my healing on him, and he just so happen to have it in his pocket at the time! So there we were, sailing the high seas, and me looking for those last few gains I need, when I spot a boat out in the horizon. Sure enough, it sails right up alongside to me, I quickly take a whiff, and smell a landlubber, and start to track him. 

 I have never seen a naked man on a boat wrestle a horse before, and let me tell you - It's not a pretty sight.

Ah! Praecor-Lolth be raising his healing skill as well today! 

Captain Janks doesn't mind at all! 


ARR Indeed! Praecor-Lolth has high healing (or low strength?). 

I must have shot over 10 arrows, his healing was very good, however
I finally got him right in the gullet!


My tracking on his ghost finally wore off, and he eluded me. 
In all the excitement, I realized I could have tracked his horse!
No matter, he wasn't lootable where he died.


I hope he has as much luck with his ghost as I did with mine!