Episode #6

"Captain Janks , Second Count!"

 Ahoy! Today I waph phiphin' again, and jupht took care of a big phea pherpent when I phaw a boat bump into me from behind. I quickly took a deep breaph, and pmelled a faction warrior nearby, a man named "phtuman". He waph hidden, and after a phecond he came out an' ordered hiph tiwerman to d'e left. I quickly d'rew me loot in d'e hold, and got my Vanquiph Bow, and phtarted to purphue him.

I found him quickly, yet he waph hidden yet again on hiph boat.
I checked me hold, and realized I left me purple potionph at home. ARRR!
I need him to come back out, pho I decide to get ahead of him and block hiph boat again,
forcin' him to tewl hiph tiwerman phometin'.

Phure enough, it worked! He jupht d'ink Im out to block hiph boat, and phayph, "Damnit"
How lid'le doeph he know I'm out do more! When you phail d'e pheaph of Atlantic, you
betta' be ready to be kiwled by Pirate Jankph!



Once again, he iph able to elude me and I can't find him. Phuch a phame, for he died on the phide of hiph boat where I coulda looted him! I phawl be phearching for ya "phtuman", da pheaph belong to Pirate Jankph, and AAR!!!!