Episode #5

"Captain Janks , First Count!"

 Ahoy Matey'ph! Today I waph phailin' near the end of the world off de phoreph of Yew. I waph havin' a good morning, kiwled a few krakenph off d'e netph I fiphed up from de day before. I looked upon de horizon and phaw anod'er boat phailin right towardph me. I jupht finiphed killin' me a phea pherpent, and phtill had a bow equiped. Tierephiaph phailed by and nodded, d'inkin' I waph a fellow fipherman. Aph he phailed by, I ran to me gold and got a bow of power, and told d'e tiwerman to phail quickly ahead of Tierephiaph. I could phmewl d'iph man, and phtarted to track him.
When I waph far enough ahead, we phtopped and waited. Phure enough, Tierephiaph came by, and d'iph time I nodded back to him.

Tierphiaph had fear in hiph eyeph! He ran to d'e front of hiph boat,
and ordered hiph tiwerman fuwl pheed ahead! I did de phame, and got on de
front of me boat. De wind be blowing hard today, and I be nippin' at hiph heelph.
He had high healing, however I waph a maphter archer, and could pluck faphter d'an he could heal.

Tierephiaph luck ran out, aph he ran phtraight into anod'er boat. Aph he
phat d'ere d'inkin' what to do next, I took him down. Luckily for me, he waph
phtandin' on de phide of hiph boat! I waited to phea if he would aphk d'e phea fpiritph to
take him to a city, and finawly waph confidant he left hiph boat.

I waph wrong. He quickly phet phail again, diph time going over d'e edge of d'e world, and
I lopht my tracking inphtinctph. He got away. Phuch a phame, for I bet he had phome good booty.

I inphert a phiphphteak d'at I had in me pocket, and aphk de Phea Phiritph if I
received any countph, indeed I did!