Episode #2

"Captain Janks meets Animal Mother!"

I was phailing along today, fiphin' up phome dinner when my tracking inphtinch told me to phail to d'e norpheapht. I did, and I diphcovered a mage on a boat caphtin' Earphquake.

Chure enough, he didn't phee me, and I aphumed he was phtuck in what I heard iph cawed, a "Mageph Trance". It happenph when a mage iph pho focuphed on hiph work, d'at he becomeph obliviouph to the outphide world. D'ar be only one way to free any poor phoul phtuck in a Mageph Trance, and I would help d'ich poor foul!

Phadly tiph true, de only way to free a man from de Mageph Trance iph to kill 'em. But a life of an eternal Trance iph worpht d'an death by far, pho don't feel phorry for him, he'ph get'in de help he needph!


Arr! Down he Goeph! Now den hiph ghopht wiwl furely appear, and I can Reph him and he can d'ank me for my help.

A few minuteph paph. No ghopht. Oh dear. Could my prognophiph be wrong? Perhaph it waphn't a Mageph Trance, maybe diph man fpirit waph taken away from him by de Phea Liche! Maybe D'iph man waph pophphed by Evil Mage Dolphinph? Perhapht d'iph man waph macroin' unattended!!!???

I d'ink he waph macroin' unattended perphonawy.


AHOY MATEY! Prepare to be Looted! I jupht noticed he waph ftandin' in de back of hiph phip, not a phafe place to be phtandin'!


Phince he iph dead, he won't be needin' d'iph.