Episode 134 : The Marriage of Chaotic Jelly and Peanut Butter!

Once before, Chaotic Jelly learned the dangers of sharing his account information with me and Zip. Well, we were bored today and decided it's high time Chaotic Jelly got married! We look far and wide throughout the lands and find a suitable mate, "Peanut Butter", a shepherd we found around the Jhelom Farms. It was love at first sight... 

However, the wedding plans didn't go as smooth as we hoped:

Well, we weren't going to let that set us back. All we really needed is someone that 
looked like a Priest. So here comes Crazy Joe the Minister, who just so happens
to have some weddingbands handy! 

You get what you pay for folks. Since ChaoticJelly is poor, we have to marry in the streets, 
we only could afford a few  invitations, and instead of flower petals we had feathers.  




Of course, it's not proper to have your first night with your spouse in the streets. 
I suggested a romantic honeymoon place he could drag her off to, which was conveniently
located on the edge of town.

Chaotic Jelly gets a tad drunk, and ill...perhaps the Peanut Butter is expired?

Well, since they are passed out, and I suggested this romantic place,
I deserve another tip..don't I?

What's this on Jelly's corpse?

When the real ChaoticJelly logs in tonight, he will be naked in the sandbox,
carrying the cake, book, balls, and a wedding ring on his finger.
However, to make sure he has no 'memory' of getting married, he will
still be stinking drunk. Little does he know what's in store for his married life in the future!!!