Episode 132 : " The best Reagents...are someone else's!  "

I run to Moonglow to see what the rumor is about Reagents spawning differently, since I am in need some nightshade. 

Egads! The rumors are true! 999 Nightshade right here on the Ground!

I ICQ Amurayi of S|S, and he brings a packhorse to help me, since I also 
found 999 Bloodmoss and 999 Garlic inside, and I can't move!
 Amurayi finds 333 scrolls on the ground! 

Amurayi and I see 470 spawn on the ground, but he is a tad quicker 
and gets it before me. 

Ahh, they are not spawning on the ground, it seems some greedy shoppers buy too much,
 and when they close out the sale the shopkeeper can't put all the items in their hands, 
so he throws the excess onto the ground! I don't blame him at all! 


Amurayi asked how much she will buy them for, she responds she won't double buy scrolls. 

Crazy Joe : "if she is in the SS guild she gets a discount"
Irate Shopper : "fuck u newbie"

Well back to looking around for more spawning regs! I get a nice load of Moss and Root!
The shoppers are so busy sorting their massive amount of fresh purchases reagents that they don't
even see that they dropped anything! 

All's going well for me, I haven't spent as much money as I assumed I would, 
but I got more than enough regs for now!

 Since the ground spawn slows down, I decide to actually start
buying my own reagents, and I'm known to be the fastest buyer in all of the land,
 which makes other shoppers pretty upset!


Seems some garlic spawned outside, wonderful! I'm inside waiting for a new 
reagent spawn, and UOAssist shows me some has spawned to the South, but I'm
already pushing the limits of my own pockets...

There it is, it curiously spawned under that man with a horse, since I can't carry it far,
I take it outside and hide it under a tree, bank and return to claim it! Hurrah for the new spawn!