Episode 139 - back in March - Elipso, The Human IDOC

Back in March 2001 when I was playing on Napa, I noticed a guy on the roof of the bank asking his friend for help. Sil informed me of the entire situation- turns out they just gated to the bank top and he was carrying a very heavy chest full of loot, and his bank was too full to receive the chest!. I had a plan - I would cast poison and hopefully he would die, and letting Sil to pick up the loot! However, after 3 poisons and 3 guardwacks, a friend of the Human IDOC arrived and cured him,  foiling my plans. On Napa Valley, I didn't have a decent mage, so flamestriking him was out of the question, so I called in a fellow GM Looter, Belan! 

All the following pictures are from Belan's page Http://belan.looter.org , all of mine were lost in the great Crash of '01. 
I only took maybe half the pictures from her site, so if you want the full story hit her page and look for it!

 The guy on a mare with the black cap (who wears caps?!?!) is Elipso,  holding the chest. Belan is the girl on the Mare, dressed in green. I'm still at the healers, but those are my corpses on the ground! The guy on the llama is here to assist Elipso, and Sil, wearing the orc mask, is my acquaintance that informed of the going-ons. 

I return and claim my horse, and Beldin of GUL joins us (the one in purple), and I dub this man
the Human IDOC. 

Sadly, I had to leave at this time, but I left Belan in charge! Elipso thinks his friend is pretty quick, and they try to do a quick drop and pick up, however Belan was waiting for the quick exchange and quickly scooped up the chest! 

Elipso is a tad upset to say the least, and his only plan to retrieve it is foiled since BOV 
is Belan's personal guild, and it doesn't war with anyone!

Again with the GM threats!

We know a GM won't do anything, since there's nothing wrong with picking things off the ground, 
so Elipso tries a new tactic, even worse than GM threats and Warring a guild...

....Saying it's just Furniture! 

While trying that, he tries to hand Belan something, knowing if Belan tries to drop the chest in the Trade Window, 
it will automatically fall to the ground, however Belan is smarter than that!

Belan never thought she would mutter the words, "I do not want your loot", this came pretty close!

Oh, he really needs to brush up on his fibbing etiquette.....

....That's pretty heavy furniture!

While Elipso and his friend are chatting to Belan, Sil cleans out his bank, and coordinates with Belan,
and they easily drop the chest and transfer it to his empty bank! Huzzah!

oh oh, seems like maybe it wasn't furniture after all...


What a shocker, there's not one piece of furniture in here!

I log on much later in the day, and we all split the loot three ways!