Test Center 5

In Early March, OSI set up a "Test Center 5" with "Monster Gates".
Now, I didn't know what Monster Gates where, but I heard we all had to run to Felucca Britian Cemetary to see them. It was rumored to be
like the Abyss Shard, which I missed long ago. Anxious to see what all the hub bub was about, I loaded up and took off. Lag was HELL!

Saw two things that aren't 'normal' on the way to the Cemetary, and they never
targeted me.

Now this really doesn't belong here!
(Wyvern, in Lord Blackthorn's Revenge)


The "Monster Gates". A player steps into these and comes out as a monster! Hurrah!

The graphics are buggy, but I chose the "Chicken" gate first. Just my damn luck.


Ever wanted to know if a Dread Spider beats a lich?

Not today...

Dread Spiders however beat Wyverns and Bone Knights!

Moon comes to Play!

Moon didn't make it in time.

The Shard shuts down just after 2 hours of being online.

Such a shame all this fun was unannounced, and limited. ><