Crazy Joe visits the Test Center.... and it isn't pretty!

I never have been to Test Center, so this was a totally new eye opening experience.
Imagine my shock as I see the rumors are true that some people play Test Center as their "Main" shard!!!
I see people with high fame/karma, people with Mares and White Wyrms. Ghost carrying Halberds?!?!

Ok, I am simply flabbergasted that people go through so much trouble
on a "Test" shard. This just is too disturbing. What good can come of this place?
Doesn't anyone value hard work and the rewards that come with it?
Test Center Residents seem to be lazy good for nothing "gimme gimme gimme" people.
I decide to check the "Help" function...

What! What's This? No Support Representatives?
This doesn't sound good....for the residents of Test Center!
Watch out Test Center, here comes Crazy Joe!

Time to make a new character, I'm here to test the rumors that Unlocked Deadly Trapped Tinker boxes NO LONGER GIVE COUNTS!

Buying a house for 1 million eh? Maybe I'll be back on tonight
with my Evil Real Estate Agent. (You start with 1 million gold on
test center, would it be wrong to scam someone out of their hard
earned newbie gold?)

Now then, here's my tool of ultimate evil.
A small Crate weighing 6,000 stones.

Did I mention it's Deadly Poison Trapped and unlocked?

"someone gate me to were you tame unicorns"
Anyone else besides me see the humor in that?
1.) They are in Ithcrapydar and 2.) You can't mark runes there at all
so thus 3.) You can't gate there

Two people are casting cure for him,
however he decides to cast Poison. That's a new approach.

He should have stuck with "Cure"

Sage got pretty far compared to everyone else! WTG Sage!


"Shit Damn" works better than "An Nox"?




Oh Dear, I just got another evil idea for tonight!

Someone figured I wasn't killing people fast enough, so
he moved it to the side of the bank.

Well, I might as well be fair to all
my victims. Time for me to die!