Episode 146 : The Ground blesses me with more Loot

Howdy! I got my cable modem back finally, and I'm up to no good...

First off, there was a 'bug' lately in the Gargoyle City; people discovered that if you turn on your transparency in some areas, you could see the mountain under the floor and mine it. The good news is the ore NEVER ran out. The bad news is OSI declared this a bug and was bannable! Now, we all know using Transparency isn't exploiting, but apparently taking advantage of OSI's goof ups is.  Well, I'm not one that calls GM's when I see exploiters, I'd rather exploit them!

Here we are in Gargoyle City. This guy seems to be AFK, and there's a bunch of ore at his feet...

Well, I have only one way to export all this ore without him seeing me....

Score! I'm one screen from the Stables in Trinsic, and claim my packy!
I return and clean up more bits and pieces throughout the night!

- Note, I returned OFTEN to this place and looted over 5,000 ore easily, which comes out to 10,000 iron ingots! I lost the rest of the pictures, but quite simply this was my favorite "bug" so far. Patch 14 did fix the ore spawn. Sadly OLY, an old Guildmate of LBC was banned for mining there. A damn shame, since I was ready to regroup with the LBC and hit the dungeons again.

Meet Dragon Xein. He's meeting my secret newbie on another Shard for the first time,
and he's at the Carpenter's shop buying wood as well as myself. He just paid a handsome price for 999 boards, however
he can't carry them and they fell to his feet. Being one of the agile gender, I easily pick up his 999 boards and play hop-scotch
to the bank and stick them inside! However, Dragon Xein has an issue of who's boards they are now...



He needs to 1.) be quicker next time or 2.) Stop buying so much at once.


ah yes, forgot to mention....he paged a GM as soon as I banked them!
It's late at night and I'm in no mood to talk to any GM's, so I hit the inn and hit the sack.

My newbie above has a little problem on this new shard -- she's a newbie. No other characters on this shard!
So when I finally got enough magery to mark, I started collecting runes around the bank that go to vendors to remark for my own use. Well, it seems I came across a rune that wasn't to a vendor, but to Deceit, where two adventures were about to embark upon until I showed up...

One on the left said, "OMG" and the one on the right side said, "HEY BITCH"

Again with this confusion around the act of Stealing!

I "ganked" their rune? I thought you had to be in a guild of reds or in factions
to be a ganker. 


Someone here has the right idea, use Gate Travel!

 I have the faintest idea how to jack a rune....

My Mule recalled to that little spot in T2A with the "unlimited tree" and I hear someone 
chopping wood already. I turn on that 'exploit' known at Transparency and see some logs on the ground, 
time for that Help Menu again!

More fun at the Carpenter Shop! I pick it up and run, then hit the Hide Macro to see if she
falls for that "where did he go" plan...

While she darts around trying to find out where I went, I quickly drop the 
boards and hit the help menu, and pick them back up just as she swoops in...


Damn! Too soon, now she'll never know what a genius plan I had. 


Patch 14 made it impossible to teleport with the Help menu carrying massive Loot. Damn them!
Seems I gotta think of new ways to haul that loot off.

I can only imagine in time we'll see players receive a commodity deed for
 999 items to prevent me from ground looting as well.
Wow, wouldn't you know that just a few weeks later, "Commodity Deeds" were introduced !
I wonder if OSI got the idea from here....