05/29/01 :  Voyage of the Damned

The Cove Orc Fort is a busy place these days, people are killing Orc Mages for their Orc Kin Mask, and hopeing to grab a Orc Bow from Orc Scouts. Me? I'm hoping for the same, but I only try to get them from other players! I am in search of a stuck spot or a safe recall spot in the fort, so I log in my Napa Valley Noob Thief, that only has Hide and Stealth to scout out the entire fort. However, I get distracted in my search when I happen upon Pebbles.

This is Pebbles. She wacks orcs down, and when she is in trouble
she simply escapes to the safety of her boat, which is unlocked behind her.

Well, I can't help but wonder if there is any loot in the boat! All Aboard!!

I set sail for about 3 minutes, and finally get the courage to go peek in the hold.
However, Pebbles recalls in and serves me some Kyrss-in-mouth ala mode.

This Crazy Joe is such a Noob, he still only has 50 stealing,
and isn't in the Thief Guild! Tsk Tsk. What the hey, I'll give
her a count, after all she never said, "Get off my boat!" or anything,
such bad manners!

She is quite miffed I think, and stays on the boat for several minutes.
Finally she assumes I guess that I have left the boat, and she departs as well,
but this time locks the plank. No matter, I'm still on the boat!

I set sail again!

What mayhem can I possibly ensue when she decides to recall to the boat this time?

I'm glad that you asked!

Not more than 1 screen west of Wyvern Island I find
a wyvern happily flying across the ocean! I welcome him aboard and
appoint him my Damned Pirate Shipmate!
Now we sit and wait!

Arg! Shiver me timbers! Pebbles off the Port Bow!

I am totally stumped. I'm amazed she took down a Wyvern. Those
things are supposed to be mean S.O.B.'s. Since my plan is foiled, I decide there
isn't much more I can do.

"ill rezz" is the only thing she spoke on this entire journey.


She refuses to talk, and sets sail.
I decide to finally loot her hold, as was the original plan!

It takes me forever, but I finally find that elusive boat key.
Too bad I'm not in the guild!

I am such a noob, I don't even have a recall spell in my book, so
the old Recall-Hide trick isn't possible. I leave the ship, and let Pebbles go on her way.