Episode 15something : So we meet again, mr obiwan!

I love my new Thief Template on Atlantic so much, I decide to duplicate it on Napa Valley. My guy there already has one
ethereal horse, GM hide, and 90 stealth. So I take off to the sea where I start working Magery. After a few minutes though, I found
"napason" who fishes just like obiwan! In Felucca, Plank down, AFK, full plate, Katana, and his hold looks just like obiwans of Atlantic!
Looks like I found the script power Ebayer, "uodelta" on Napa Valley! HURRAH!

I start looting like mad, however I'm quite weak and I go over my limit carrying all this fine loot. Too bad I can't
PK napason, I bet he's got even more on him!

Oh great, what am I going to do with his prize ticket?

Keep it.

Just as I get the last prize, napason wakes up! He sees my name as I try to board the other boat I came on,
and he takes off and comes after me. I quickly pull off a hide, and think fast...


45 Maps, 16 Nets, and 15 MiBs!