Another Lost Episode!

Well folks, Crazy Joe got a tad crazy one night with Smirnof Ice. To cut up some fun afterwards, I decided to go try a new form of fun - Bank Sitting. However this isn't your nomral bank sitting...I sit on Bank Sitters!

Warning! What I did I pretty much accept was harrassment. Don't do this! Drinking + UO is bad bad bad!
Heck, Jack of Shadows did this the next day and was jailed for 24 hours.

The night starts off at the Moonglow bank of course. For some reason, this place
has a higher population of Snobby Banksitters. And by the way, I am "poison elemental" tonight. 

"mares only" seems to be a Bank Sitter Rule. Sadly, there are 3 other folks breaking that 
rule tonight!

Irate banksitters first course of action is to cast Invisibility. 
That works for about 3/4's of a second. Next is the "Scare tactic" of Flame Strike!

This one guy is getting really peeved about me Sitting on his Sister!
Target Locked on, folks we have a mark for messing with tonight. 

That sure didn't take long. Remember, it all starts as an innocent kiss folks.


1.) Fucking Idiot I guess he really didn't page a GM afterall.
Please take notice of his sister's name, "Calista".

2.) Fagget

If I wasn't drunk, I would stop harrassing him. However, I'm finding too much
fun with him to even consider stopping.

3.) Asshole

4.) homosexual

I decide standing on him is harassment. I shall now kiss him. A lot.
And passionately.

5.) Ass Mucner (Muncher?)

He runs off for some reason, so I do a fake-recall hide trick.
And since they make that recall noise as you leave, I have to use a little trick
that makes the sound even though I don't leave, so folks near me actually think I did recall!
He should think of trying a new religion.


Someone told him kissing isn't harassment, and he replied how it is.




I decide I've had enough fun, and maybe I should leave. BUT on one condition.
He must kiss me goodbye.

Well...seems the fun isn't over yet.


This is the part that repeatedly cracks me up. Someone will call another player all sorts of names,
which I highlighted in pink for as you saw, then page a GM and don't think the Gm's will also see what THEY said.

Ok. Now he realized he called me a few names and his journal may not be suitable for the
viewing of GMs. Time to think of a plan.....

I missed the next shot where he said, "And gay means happy, so the GM's will understand that".
Who does he think he's kidding?!!?

Point is, I'm not leaving without a kiss.

I run to the bank and run back, in that time he actually thinks I left for good, and is
horrified I have returned ever so quickly! Again, he needs a new god.

The plan to make this kiss easier is easy. He doesn't want to kiss another man...therefor,
I'll become a woman!




I just realized none of you know who I am picking on.
Here he is. Since I said he's cute, he decided to 'turn me off'.

Ugly Hairy dickless men need the most love if you ask me.



This guy with the axe has been watching a while and he's upset at what I'm doing to this poor fellow.

The guy decided to page a GM on me as well!

This is kiss-100.jpg by the way folks. This is why my shots are cropped very small.

New Tactic! (am I the only one that finds it funny he didn't simply leave yet?)

I decide it's time for another fake-recall hide trick.
Again I use the 'new' trick to make the sound as I recall and hide...

Like I said, he should really think of a new god. For he just kissed the ground in front of me,
which was just too much to ask for! Meanwhile, Calisto has returned (his sister?)

Now, everyone around here has come to loathe me. However, as they see the guy kiss my feet,
I seem to have won them over finally!

He is disgusted. As it has seemed, he kissed my feet. I have won!

Now I am strangely aroused! He calls me Gay, but is aimed at the guy in red.



Now people love the PE! They give him kisses!

Adrian is going on how Homo=gay=happy still.
Evidently, he called the guy in red "gay" earlier and he paged a GM about it
(I later learn the guy in red is Dash, a regular thief on Atlantic)

As soon as I babble off my webpage, Dash realizes who I am.


With those last few kisses, he ran out the south gate never to be seen again.


Now I must go wash my feet. What a sicko.