Episode 1something : The Cartography Trance !

Well, sorry for the delay in new episodes. However, here's a new one that I think will make everyone laugh - unless you're the victim.

The Sea Trance, as everyone knows, is something I came up with some time ago to give another term to "Macroing Unattended". Well, it's most commonly found in Boat Macroers at Sea, hence the name "Sea Trance". Well, I'm sad to say that the Sea Trance has mutated in a new stain found on land, cartography shops to be exact. So one night, I got a few Doctors and Nurses to go out and about Lake Austin Felucca to cure those in the Cartograhpy Trance. However, these folks were a bit kill-happy, and I lost control and a few innocent folks were also killed. Oh well!

We gather up our medical team in Skara Felucca. MorbusGallicus is Tath, Dr Jade is Jade of GUL, Bella is with Jade, and
Fire Song and myself you should know - Reavus, the GM of S|S on Atlantic.

We head into the Skara Shop, and "Bambi" is our first patient!



Never underestimate the power of newbies in quantity!

Nefarious InC. is outraged, and starts to loot Bambi, which turns him gray! He has contracted the Disease from Bambi no doubt!

Vera Wang is next, however she has awakened from the trance and recalls out.

Paul Bunion seems to be in a Trance of sorts with his Golem. He is standing quite close to the Cartography shop, and
we assume after his lack of response to our inquiries he has contracted some new form of Melee Trance!!

Paul Falls, however the medical team starts receiving murder counts, it seems Paul's infliction was cured quite instantly,
good thing to, we don't want this new strand of melee Trance to get around!

Paul returns and calls on the guards for help, but it's too late.

We head into Vesper and the shop literally looks empty, however Tracking tells me there are three people here!

Before I can properly test Floggo for the disease, the doctors administer their medicine, which turned out to be OK - for
floggo didn't wake up. We didn't notice at first, however someone tagged along from Skara to try and prevent us from
curing those in the Trance!


Some people just don't appreciate Doctors!

Well, people aren't responding to questions about the Sea Trance, so we try a new approach.

Ok, look closely. As soon as everyone gets off their FIRST explosion, Hunter wakes up and says "!!" However, to do a double cast
before the guard wack, you basically do the explosion and QUICKLY cast the next spell. The curing process has already started, and poor Hunter
has become an victim of malpractice. Sorry Hunter! After he sees the 2nd shot of medicine on the way, he starts spamming the guards. Too late however.

He quickly resses and returns to kill poor Fire Song. (Ironically, Fire Song is the first target from everyone that
retaliated. What's it about Fire Song that drives men to kill? Maybe we should ask Anwnn. That's her RL Husband after all.)

We move on to Yew, and the Cure Happy doctors take out Johnny Knoxville before I can even do my testing!

I have "Cure" ready to go, and await Johnny's answer !


Is Johnny in the Trance? Will he respond in time? Notice how the doctors have all killed 5 people and are still blue!?!

Oh, about Johnny - no, he didn't respond in time!

Josh O'Malley wasn't in the Trance, he got the hell out fast!

Well some people don't know Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, so I move onto a question that Anyone should be able to answer! However, Drunk Priest seems to be in the trance! He falls quickly, and we move onto Sigil.

Sigil falls quite quickly, and we concentrate on the beetle.

Very hard to see, but the beetle did die, and had lots of scrolls! (which is good, I am the scribe supplying the explosion scrolls!)

Someone wakes up and is apparently quite upset - but we can't tell for sure. Vera Wang also is upset at us, and decides to hop our next gate, which is
to Fire Song's Keep. She won't step off the recall spot for me and Anwnn to get there, so Fire Song loads up her real pirate to dispose of her, I return in time to just see the aftermath :

Ok. Now this next one was just...funny and mean.
We walk into the Britian shop and there's "Carto". You can tell he put a lot of thought into his name!
He apparently has heard of us....and well...being thieves, pirates, and general scum, we could not resist....

I ask him "you wanna see YOU on Stratics?"

notice, that's him going no no no no no!!!


Now that we gave Carto his 15 seconds of fame, we get back to work!

Dready falls, and time to move on, however someone wants to take down Carto ONE more time.

Now that's an impressive screenshot, casting cure while falling down!

DrMorbusGallicus was the one that took down Carto one more time, and it cost him !
Our first red for the evening! Did you keep track of how many kills we did, and this is our FIRST red? HA!

Tath is can't play DrMorbusGallicus anymore, so he loads up a "Dr Crazy Joe" I had at the beginning of the event but
couldn't bring along. We hit Yew and find someone in the Trance, however while I bring in Dr Crazy Joe, the gang takes care of the Trancer!

Now, The Infected individual is "Kestrel", however that's not who is calling the guards....

It's Johnny Knoxville again! And he begins to loot Kestrel, and flags gray! Not smart!

Johnny Knoxville goes to ress and returns, and is still gray. I fire an ebolt at him, but while the ebolt is Halfway to him, he turns blue.

Oh Oh.

Well, notice he's calling the guards still. But he's dead again, none the less! I ress and move onto Magencia, and Johnny tags along!
Time to show Johnny Fire Song's nice Keep!

back to work, this time in Jhelom!

Thorin recalls out as soon as he sees us swarm, and we call it a night!


But first, we had to go to Fire Song's Rune Library, and guess who followed?

HA! Sorry Johnny, this isn't in the guard zone!

Anwnn, the Main Looter, said he got over 50,000 gold! Dr Jade handed me 6k gold ealier. Not a bad haul!

Now, for some pictures from the Doctors! First, Fire Song :

A common sight from the Doctors!

Fire song logged in on the next day, and got all those murder counts she was due from the night before, and went red. HA!