Episode 186 : Yblarbo Janks goes for a stroll

It's been...over half a year, since I have made an episode of sailing the seas. Why? Age of Shadows changed 'everything'. Insurance. Bless Deeds. Artifacts. That wasn't the worse for Janks though, the inability to cast field spells on boats was! The pirating profession was offical nerfed to the point that it was near impossible to effectively plunder boats ...and when you can't plunder a boat, there's no fun in that!

Well, the last publish I heard allowed us to once again cast field spells - however we can't cast Wall of Stone or Blade Spirits. Well, it's better than nothing I suppose. So, I dust off my Pirate and get him out and about, merely to see how things have been.

Ahoy Landlubbers! It took me half an hour, however I found where I stowed my old boat, the Filthy Wench, however I am without armor and reagents! I did find an arcane robe and cape...20 spells each. So, I had 40 spells total at my disposal to get myself equipped and ready to sail the seas once again!

Well, I forgot where I left off...

Within minutes I found Snoop Dogg in the dreaded Sea Trance. Half a year later,
and they don't have a cure for it yet?! Shame! I learn that not only does Poison Field
work, but it also stops boats dead in their tracks. HAR! I sail around for another 15 minutes, and find...



Har! Scoundrels they may be, but Pirates they are not!

Not but 5 minutes down the line...


Har! I got my reagents I need, just in time to - my robe is about to run dry!

And Potions!

. . .
He refused a ressurection and used his Help Option (Frozen), so I assumed that meant he would return. I decided to stick around and see if he was a chatty landlubber...

However chatty he was not. I was busy bringing in my "Insurance" (an invisible demon) when
he layed into the attacks! Foolish me left the pouch of potions and orange petals on the deck of the boat,
so while I feverishly was clicking on orange and yellow potions, I was confused why i wasn't drinking them!

Next time, I shall carry my supplies in my pockets!
Some time later (after returning to the land of the living) I found "a Miner" stuck on
someone elses boat! Well, was perfect placement to block him in and deal with him!


Har! a Ship Key was hidden under his clothes!

However, I can't get his bonded beetle off his boat....

So, I block in his boat, and fall asleep on the boat deck. The next morning...

Har! That's it for now, landlubbers!