Episode 185 : Yblarbo Janks out and About

Ahoy! Ol' Yblarbo was afraid that with AOS and Insurance that the sea would become quite boring. However, it seems that just isn't so!

Long Shaalong again has fallen to the Sea Trance at the Cliffs, and I was able to not only give him a dose of
antibiotics, but collect payment C.O.D.! HAR! I sail just around the corner and hear something coming from yet another boat parked along the walls...

After a few "AHOYS" with no response, I'm afraid the Sea Trance has inflected this man who apparently has spiritual connections. Tsk Tsk Tsk, the Sea Trance affects all!

After curing the poor miner, I collect payment for services rendered!

Later that night, I sail along up to someone who was in the Trance for a good couple minutes, who seemed to also be inflicted with the Sea Trance Scripting Virus! A quick dose of Janks' special brew and I find the plank, unlocked! HAR!

I ignore him for now, concentrating on finding the nearest piece of land, and thinking how to get him off the boat.

HAR! Janks a Tramm Gimp?

Guess it takes one to know one ?

Well,time for Trick #1, pretend to leave the boat.

Not a few minutes go by and a friend of Acid's shows up on land ready to assist, Plan #1 failed, back to the Sea!

Been a long time since got some Loving, this could be my lucky night, HAR!

He continues to tell me "how it is" while evading his friends that now came to see to chase me down, evidently he hasn't asked around about Janks either!

I pull the old Trick #1 again, and this time hope he leaves.

HAR! He finally left, probably to get back to land, get ressed, and retrieve his other boat key...

But not in time!

Soon after, I think I run into his posse, or what's left of it....

HAR! A good show and a free ress for Seggallion!

A few nights later, I visit the cliffs and find someone wh has a very impressive mining operation. After a few kills, it's time to real in the gold...


A bit later, and another victim, er Patient!

Lord Salocin falls quickly, but gives chase right away, while I lose him to recalling out, I find another victim thereafter !

Now, Teclis isn't in the Sea Trance at all, but gives chase! Perhaps he has something worthy on his corpse. We sail for quite a long time, till he sails into the guard zone of Magencia, I recall out, but my wench Yolanda sails up and loots the boat key right in the guard zone, then brings the boat back out to the waters for me to come aboard and wait for Teclis to come back to his boat!

And I wait....

But not for long! Not only does he return, he brings his other boat key! HAR!

Understandably, he's upset. I lock up the boat, insure both keys and return to my other boat.

HAR! A duel in two weeks, Janks will be ready!

HAR! "Doom" here lost his boat, but was a good sport about getting off, so I returned his stuff (but not the boat!)

HAR! Gladiator was in the Barding Trance, and has a boat key!

he promptly wakes up, and wont' get off at the shore. Well, shucks, time to wait him out!
Being in T2A, I know when he leaves, I don't have to worry about him recalling in, so the boat is mine !

Oh boy, what to do about that dead bug?!

Har, thanks GM Loke!

Three days later, Janks receives a message from ICQ in Part 1 and Part 2

Late one afternoon, Yolanda Janks was seen walking through Luna getting her man some supplies, and was asked why she bothered to stay with the salty old coot, to which she replied

(note, it has been explained to me that Sea Horse's are quite small, and the 'thingy's are actually INTERNAL, thus not sticking out, Yolanda actually insulted Janks and he don't know it!)

Last one for tonight, what you see is 5 seconds before Paul receives Sea Trance Medication!