Episode 184 : APRIL FOOLS!

I ICQd a few people, and told them I'm quitting the Lake Austin shard. Since they were on the Lake Austin Shard and active, they get a choice - the Rune Library
or my Keep! Well, most folks forgot what today was!

Victim #1 Huntress!

Victim #2 Tra la la di da!

Irate Victim #3 Hannah !

Someone named Heather Griffon is walking around and just starts talking, thanking me for the Library.
I offer them the house as Galad recalls in!

Victims #4 & #5, Heather Griffon and Galad!

Then, exhuasting my ICQ contact list, I hit the forums and state I'm quitting and wait for the boardies to come and visit!


The phone rings as I get Pigpen set up, and Belshazzar shows up! They start talking about
the house...

Victims #6 and #7, Pigpen and Belshazzar!

They realize I'm taking snapshots and try to synchronize "Fucker" but Pigpen is nicer than that!

Victim #8 Anais de Quoi!

Whew, I woulda felt bad if she blew $10 on a joke!

Victim #9, Thunderlips!

Victim #10, Astrony, who went through A LOT of trouble getting a friend here!!!!