Episode 182 : Yblarbo Janks of Atlantic...sails again!

One night, Janks found someone macroing, but not in the Sea Trance! A quick kill, and he called Janks a Loser!
How rude, Janks isn't a Loser, he's a Pirate. He tried to explain, but the victim wouldn't stand for it. So I sailed ahead a few screens, and waited for him to
ress and return to macroing....Again he comes and I kill him again! He gets mad and calls me a Loser again, but not a Pirate! I'm upset that he won't
call me by my rightful profession, and he leaves yet again, I prepare for his third...and last encounter, since he just used all his Help options! He
returns and is welcomed to a boat full of bladespirits and field spells!

I ask him how far in the Queue he is while I myself check the Queue:

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire! (Literally)

I claim I can track ghost when hidden, and even tell him the name of the program!

nah, not an exploit. Use Anatomy, and Last Target!

He decided to log out instead of apologize. Sheesh!

One night I decide to check out the Minoc Cliffs!
I find someone script mining, and I was able to loot some ore! As I round the next corner, I find ANOTHER scripter, and again loot his ore!



There is so much Shadow Iron, it can't register right simply by pointing at it!


I have to sail to a bank, and load up the Mule to store it away!

I return to the cliffs not 30 minutes later....

And I find his boat again, and this time I can loot the rest of his ore!


Another visit to the bank...but again, I return later and sail up to a boat, and literally it falls
right then and there, and the ore on it is thrown on the water!





That bank sure got full fast!

The very next morning....

I find what I guess is his boat again!!! Tracking shows he's not here, but his ore sure is!


I really really like this guy!