Episode 181 : Random but noteworthy acts of Piracy!

While on Lake Austin, I run into one of the best PVPers at sea preparing for his multi-million dollar
duel with Akasha! Too bad today he will get a small setback!



Kaz brings in a buddy I guess, Jay, to ress him and/or take care of me!


Kaz attempts to attack my with a Paralyze Spell later, but sadly I had a Blade Spirit Precasted!

Sadly, the phone rang and I had to go afk for about 10 minutes, and I return and I'm dead. (That's Joe
Ressing the Nudist Bovine Acolyte), guess Kaz tracked me down!

Tyr here is what I thought was the Lake Austin Moderator, but turned out it wasn't! So I hide on his boat with the boat key, and get my
second account set up to go there with another ghost and make Tyr think another fellow "victim" is willing to help him reclaim his boat!

Well, we make it to shore, I tell Try that I will keep his boat safe as he leaves and goes to ress.
When he leaves, I leave the boat with the decoy, and Joe leaves the boat to drydock it! However, since it's Skara Brae island,
a little fun is in order....




Incognito wore off!