Episode 180 : Age of Shadows, Age of Bugs!

One bug is that everyone has "uses remaining"

Blackholing is horrible! You log in, but can't move. I love the bottom left message, it's a Companion Queue if I'm right.


The best blackhole yet.

Or this

Someone sent me this picture, he could dye his pack!


Even Hanse's Hostel is plagued by Double Doors!

the WORST bug was the "I ban thee" bug. You could ban ANYTHING from a house. Doors, Add ons,
Vet Rewards, Secures...you name it.

Someone else sent me this, the "Friends" and "Banned" list were totally SWAPPED !

More blackholed goodness!

On Test Center, I decided to make a historical home!

With Queues going over 1,000, OSI shuts down support for a few hours!

GM Odee was literally NO HELP. I won this small tower when the shard opened and gave it
to my Friend to learn how to play UO. However, with the bugs he decided to quit. I sold the house, however
the house suddenly became unusable. I couldn't walk into it, use the door, or bring up the house sign.
GM Odee came three times, and all three stated I simply had to wait till they had time to research it. Unable to use the house for over a WEEK,
I let the account get deactivated and the house a MONTH later still stands.

As I was picking up some co-owner boxes that became movable metal boxes, my own backpack

Popping someone's pouch in a guard zone attacks anyone near you, which calls the guards!

Thanks to Asmodeus, who was the first person I know of to actually find one of the
Secret places, I placed two 18x18's in Malas, and later sell them for 3 mill !

There were MANY more bugs, but this is what I got so far!