Episode 178 :  CJ the * Shudder * Crate Thief

Nothing like a overpriced vendor at possibly the worst Vendor House there is...

Ok, back on Track. I work with Galad and get into the second level of Doom.
I go into the 'secret' room where you must die to get in, and there is someone here named "Sonya Lux"
Galad looted her the night before with a pack FULL of ruined books and bongs, I just so happen
to catch her the morning after ressing, and we are both 'stuck' in the Healer room!

He's tough to see, but the "Dark Father" is spawning many undead which can't reach us. Outside, someone keeps
summoning demons to slowly damage him.

Well, a Lich Lord spawns on our side of the wall! Lady Aviendha, the one keeping the monster spawn busy dies instantly!

Sonya Lux doesn't know about the Lich Lord yet, but finds out soon enough!
Sonya Lux makes it out of the room...into the hands of another Lich Lord!

I do some perfectly timed looting, and get a measly bong.

And do something Sonya Lux should have tried after last night!

Back inside, and I snag my first ruined books!

Few days later, there seem to be more thieves in here. With 20.1 tracking, I can tell how much competition there will be and
goof off by putting down one of my ruined books, unhiding, and picking it back up, making them think they just
missed the spawn and another will spawn approximately and hour later. However, one day someone accuses me of script-stealing!




Well, they go to the UO Lake Austin forum on Stratics and post about Scripting Joe!
While they do, the REAL books spawn and I grab them. To keep the "Script" alive, I send out
fake error messages and not go for the purple bong this time.


How about faking a "Gamemaster Intervention"?


Well, I check the forums and he's calling me out, and I post the pictures you see above.
HA! I think he'll cough it up as I pulled a prank on him..but no, he still insist I'm script stealing!


HA! He claims to have found the Script with a Line 80!

And I was right, he did call a Game Master!


Some people just can't take a joke!