Episode 176 :  Free Million Gold...if you can get it.

I decided to revive a OLD game of mine. Hide somewhere popular, and put down a prize, and watch the folks Try and reach it.

Irony : This is the "Poor Gate" where I put down the Million gold. My beetle is covering a comm crystal
on the ground I use to listen in to those down below.

Sadly, Teleport does not work in this entire screen for getting up here!

Someone actually runs their Horde Minion back and forth a few times, as a gag I pick up the check as he walks under, but the summoner learns
soon that he didn't get it as the check reapperas.




Mardane figures out you can't teleport here, you gotta Teleport at the south end and run up! But, the check has disappeared!

Silly Mardane, Reveal doesn't work in Trammel!

Lets try the Britian Smithy! Whats that, five people there?

Don't matter, three of them come a running!



Several folks inside the building running around, up and down, but can't get up here!


Someone got up a way I didn't expect, he teleported onto the Smith Shop,
Then teleported over to the rooftop! Oh well, the check disappears!