Episode 175 :  Russian Roulette, Ultima Online Style!

I have been toying for weeks with a Russian Roulette gambling concept in Ultima, and after much testing, and reworking the idea to prevent cheating, confusion, mishaps, I came up with a simple plan. Everyone basically takes one turn, opens a dart trapped box, and drinks one potion and goes back in line and waits for others to open the box. Last man standing, wins the gold!  Everyone hands over their money to the "Judge", who sits by the box (with it open) to make sure everyone 1.) opens it once 2.) takes only one greater heal potion 3.) Distributes the Gold to the winner. The turnout for my first Roulette event was small, which was great for making sure it would work!


Everyone gathers up before hand at the Temple of COW, and I form groups of gamblers based on their amount of gold. Almost everyone brought 100k, but two others only brought 50k.No matter, I would sit in with the 50k players, in hopes to give one of them an extra 50k. 

Round 1!

A cup of dice is used to determine the order of the contestants. Yblarbo Janks is loaded up to hold the gold checks
and distribute the healing potions into the chest as people need them. Everyone else is down on the 2nd floor to observe and avoid
interference. So, without further ado, here's Zebo the Gruff, Element X, and myself :

Bovine smiles onto me, the potion replaces all the damage the box has done!

Amazing enough, Zebo lives !

Zebo so far is the most likely to die firsr, and it's his turn again!

He Lives!?!

Element falls first, and Zebo shortly after.

Hmph. So much for getting in to give one of hte peasants some extra gold!

Round 2! Now that the peasents are done, Time for the stakes to go up to 100k per person, and in groups of 4!
Everyone walks in with 100k, but someone is walking out with 400k!

Our gamblers are Bean Sidhe, Zmey, Prada, and Trouble!

Ouch for Zmey!

I missed a few shots here, but you know what is going on....

Poor Prada dies first!

This is too funny, Zmey wishes to pray to Bovine!

And Bovine has answered with a resounding "No Deal". HA!

And Trouble wins the first 100k Round!

Round 3! Brutus Aurelius, Tath, Trouble, and Feral Steel step up to the roof!

OUCH! Trouble got hit hard!

No, he didn't!

Feral Steel gets quite close to biting the dust!

And Brutus is down!

Tath's stalling tactics are no match for the box! Feral Wins Round 2 of the 100k batch!

And another round, this time with myself putting up 100k!

Troubles luck is improving, but mine is off to a bad start, Doh, forgot to pray to Bovine!

Zmey's luck is doing great!

Mine however, is not!

Feral comes within an inch of biting the dust, Ouch!

I have lost all faith in my lord Bovine.

Feral steel once again defies all odds and survives within one hitpoint, and then it's Zmey's turn again!

Feral Steel wins again! He walked in with 100k and is leaving with 700k!


This was such a hit, it's sure to be done again!