Episode 174 :  The First COW Branding! - The Running of the COWS !

Well, things got underway with COW quite quickly. While the shard was still closed to the public, I held the first branding. What a big turnout!

I got there an hour early with two NPCs to protect me. However, Crow decides to rob one of them!


HA! Don't mess with my Posse!

Thanks for the Hay, Ape!

Galad even shows up!






The idea of getting in COW was great, however getting everyone to try and setup quest and then another, was a big mess.
So, future brandings were more events like this.


I have no clue how, but the cows started to attack me for no reason! I, by self defense, took down a few.

Vianna has no desire to join COW, but brings a few along for the event ^^

Something always goes wrong. For unknown reasons, and in the rush of getting ChaoticJelly on the stone,
I quit the guild. Doh!


There's one thing I didn't anticipate about our Quest...



A;; fp;;pw ,e  

Someone's attacking our cows!

It's Cracker Jack and Gratefully Dead!

I find Gratefully Dead ressing at a healer, and can't resist getting him myself.
Black Cow's actions are contagious.

And we find his corpse AGAIN somewhere!


I hear a few cows are being ambushed, and go investigate.

I accidently hit Ape, but at least he got one of the cow killers, but then here comes Draegon!

Almost all the cows died.
And the one person who wasn't here to join COW, got all her cows there safely! HA!