Episode 173 : Piracy on Lake Austin is alive and well!

Yblarbo Janks hasn't made it to Lake Austin quite yet, however, Crazy Joe and Bovine Acoloyte  are at sea, Crazy Joe fishing and Bovine Acolyte serving Bovine. Sadly, the Sea Trance has found it's way on this brand new land, and it's in Epidemic proportions! Only one thing to do, cure those found infected!

Here's Bovine Acolyte after only a few days. Check out his skills! HA!

StrawberryGashes seems to have already gone red, but she has also contracted the Sea Trance Virus!

The Mafia's trance was also coupled with a Sea Trance Script Strand, however the corpse was looted, and no boat key.

Newbi's Sea Trance is quickly cured but not before a boat key is found, and used to gain access to his vessel!

With Newbi awake and aware that his boat is in the middle of being pirated, I have to think of a plan. Bovine stays hidden on this ship,
for I don't think he woke up before Bovine came over and hid. I dismount the beetle to prevent Newbi or any friends from recalling on the ship, then use a pirate trick of mine to completely disable the boat from moving. I recall to my other ship, and convince Newbi to leave his ship onto mine for a ress! As soon as he steps off, Bovine moves the boat away, and then the eviction of Newbi is complete!

Newbie is dead, and the other boat doesn't have any important loot as of right now, so I rejoin Bovine and we go off to dock the boat.
I give Newbi my ICQ number, so I can distract him futher from taking my boat anywhere while I dock his.

(I am -=|Ice|=-, I was hiding on ICQ this night)

I'm polite PK, as you can see. I ressed him. I offer passage back to land! And it's not enough for him!

Well, if he's going to stay here, I swap over to Bovine and decide to accommodate Newbi's request to keep my boat.

I leave Newbi with my loaner boat, and go pirating in my main, I really want to know if he can truely crash my boat!
He even goes so far later to claim he's in COW, and he is "Land Lord Joe", which is the COW that owns the Trammel Villa Rune Library, which is me! HA!
Good try, but I'm not a member of COW, but the Guildmaster! Moo You, Newbie!

Amadeo dies, and with a boat key!

OH NO! He's trying to get away !

Not so fast!

Nystul isn't in the trance after all, and makes a getaway. However, I received a murder count 10 seconds later,
Guess I threw enough potions!

Another cured Sailor!

Decisions, Decisions! Minor or Phontain, Minor or Phontain!?
(Hey Reavus, can you read that party message? HA!)

Minor's first since he's close! However, he wasn't in the Sea Trance. He falls, and I turn around for Phontain.

All night, I was posting messages on the Lake Austin forum that Bovine Acolyte was at sea and challenged someone to kill me!
Well, someone  was found at sea, and as SOON as I started to cast blade spirits, one appeared on my ship! Egads,
it was someone after Bovine! He fell quick quickly - and that's understood, look at his skills!

His reign of terror has come to an end!

As I ress  Bovine Acoloyte (Not like stat loss is that serious with his low skills) another group hunting Bovine
find me! Tath is northwest of me, and has killed the wench that took out Bovine Acolyte. He doesn't realize we are about to have some more company!
 And this time not just one, but THREE bounty hunters! I'm Gray, Bovine is fresh ressed, so we take off!

Sadly, Tath is no match for three mages, and I don't get my Dispel off in time. Bovine tries to help out, but I learn stat Loss was worse than I feared and he failed a blade spirits from a scroll TWICE!

I'm attacked, so I put off a blade spirit on their boat to get whoever was after me!

Bovine falls again, however I got Jonney Blaze!

This isn't going good for me, Jonney Blaze is ressed and they are all onto me now!

Well, looks like our both of our reigns of terror have come to and end finally!