Episode 172 : COW ! 

A few people wanted to join COW, so I had to give them a quest. Go to Trammel, tame as many cows as you can at the Delucia bank, Then log out, log in your other characters, and tame another 5 cows. Basically, each initiate had to get 25 cows total at the bank.

First someone had to decorate Rose Cotton's House in the spirit of COW!



Well, while these guys were getting cows, Murphy's quest was to have a gay wedding!
Don't ask me, I didn't give him this quest.

What a lousy husband...or wife...Murphy is, he has no ring! Nor a dowry.

While Murphy is gone, his spouse is let in on the plan...

Murphy takes a while to die, so I have to bring in the 'main'

Back to Delucia.....

Someone gets the bright idea to Friend me to all the cows, so I may control them while their other characters are logged out! HA!


I had to move to the left a bit, but I must say the First O was MUCH better !