Episode 1something : Lake Austin, Miscellanous!

Ok, to backtrack, I have moved to Lake Austin and formed "COW", The Cult of the Cow, with ChaoticJelly! Here's a whole bunch of random screenshots from my first few weeks on Lake Austin.

I placed a Large tower near Vesper on the 2nd day the shard was opened! That's the good news.

Bad news ? A large portion of it is in the Guard Zone! I had to move it!

Better news, a few days later I placed a Keep, and Goldie of UOBrokers became my neighbor! Later, Zip placed a Keep next to Goldie, then they eventually swapped.

Now that I had the guildhouse for COW, I was off to doing something a bit more drastic...decorating !
First, was plants. I told myself I would NEVER touch plants, however I wanted something precise.

Now, this is a Keep worthy of having COWs!

My two top corners are still in the guard zone, which makes it a perfect "Training Room".

Not my first kill on Lake Austin, but one of my most memorable, only because of his name.

There was a bug on all shards for ONE DAY, we could obtain "Death Shrouds" and wear them!


It involved you attacking a sand vortex and ressing alot, and Galad was kind enough to show me the details.

I'm dead...no Alive! No, which??!?

A few days later, I wasn't even paying attention while gaining skills and pirating, and I sorta got Galad!

However, Galad didn't know it was me at first, and we were talking about the death shrouds in ICQ when....

Percy the Pirate, the most fierce pirate at sea so far! His skills? 50 alchemy and 50 magery!

Rose Cotton received some decorating from the wonderfull COW guild

While farming arrows, this NPC said this to me.
(The Matrix!)

I did go play siege some..

That tamer is after me, and I was able to hide near this building. check out my hitpoints!

No clue how, but while doing one of the new quest, Gabriel Piete wanted to attack me!

The mythical "True Black" deep sea serpent.

I finally turned 5 years on my other account, and the COW shrine was complete!

Another Keep Shot

Here it is, my offical FIRST kill on Lake Austin!

And my second, and the one that started the "COW" vs "LAM" affair from what I hear.


That ebolt sure does know how to take corners!

Oh, yet another