Episode 169 : Fun with Tracking!

I was bored one night.  So I decided to run around the lands and just use Tracking Skill and see what I can find.

I find Katura hidden in his unlocked Tower, macroing counts away!


Next time folks, lock your doors!
(Of course I could always use Earthquake and Lighting Storm next time)

Yes, I do like the Wandering healer!

Anyone got any clue what this is, Atlantic Felucca?

I find three folks outside a house, and it turns out all three are macroing unattended!
Hmm, what to do, what to do.

First things first, rob them blind.
While doing so, I keep hear someone healing the two wrestling, but can't find the bandages in anyone's backpack.

Finally I realize they are using the bandages locked down on the house steps.
Well, I wonder who would win without the healer, Jennifer Klenn or DAR?

My reg supply is quite slim, so I call in Jank's Wench Fire Song to bring more reagents, and I get to work!

Wall of Stone's neatest little trick is that it blocks line of sight! 'ouch' can't reach his bandages anymore!

I open a gate for Firesong, and get a fresh supply of reagents!

Sadly, I missed one vital wall of stone and Jennifer Klenn gets fully healed! Things aren't looking good for DAR!

Finally DAR falls and gets looted of whatever I couldn't steal. Fire Song, who didn't understand why she couldn't
kill them in the first place can FINALLY take out the other two, even though I personally would have led over a monster.

Mean Fire Song, Mean! Renaming their rune!
(Not as mean as me, I re-marked it)