Episode 168 : Poison Elemental works on some Hiding...

Poison Elemental, my Nox Mage, decided to finally try and GM hide. While sailing at sea though, he often comes across someone that needs to be cured of that awful Sea Trance! One fine afternoon, it turns out he runs into his old friend Morgan Lefay, however, this isn't the one Morgan he knew - she sold that account on Ebay! Finally, PE could kill her and not feel guilty!

She has 200 of each FlameStrike Reg! HA!

Some time later, I found a boat with someone gray on it. Turns out, he was raising healing on a red ghost!
Well, a few poison fields later, the gray person died, and he was indeed in the Sea Trance! I looted over 1800 bandages and about 60 of each reagent.
I sailed back by later, thinking that the blue would return, or the red would wake up. To my surprise, it seems not only did the red wake up, but
he paged a GM, and got a Peach!


The only reason for this entire episode is that second shot. "I am sorry I can not interfere in the game play"!
That's right von stuben, take it like a man !


What a polite ghost!

She is in no Sea Trance, but I detect the scent of a thief!

She is quite rude, doesn't want to learn about the Sea Trance, or want me to even talk! Well, PE doesn't like someone with bad manners!


HA! She has a boat key on her, and I go on aboard with ease.

So many regs and so little pockets, I slowly throw everything into my other boat and wait till she decays. Now, when I got off the boat the first time,
it turns out she was still on the boat, however she walked OFF the boat, and I was able to drydock it in front of her eyes!