Episode 167 : The Siege Moat Pirates!

Now that I have stolen two boats in less than a week, I had to do something with them. So, I decided to become a pirate! Since the seas of Siege are quite dead, I decided to build my armada in the Moats just to the west of Britain West Bank!

I put one "Public" boat down to let people come aboard. As they enter, I can snoop and steal from them and QUICKLY throw the item
into the other boat which is locked. This works better than you can imagine, nobody can resist coming aboard a boat at the bank!
First theft was 4 Orange Petals!

The fella who lost his Orange Petals is quite confused!

Folks are a bit confused why I'm letting them on, then stealing from them successfully! brian is most confused, and I tell him if he attacks me
he will learn the secret of my plan, so he does! But then so does Goldmember! HA! I throw both of their loot into the other boat.


Mai  tries to attack me, but only after he poisons himself on a Deadly Poisoned box that is unlocked in the boat hold!
Oops, forgot to mention that's there eh?


Beavis looks into the box as well! Brian comes aboard and tries to loot Beavis' corpse and turns gray! More Loot!

Beavis was so angry about being killed (by his curiosity) and looted by brian (then me!)
he decided to pick up and walk off with our box. However, it wasn't that easy! The box has 125 items and weighs 400 stones!
He simply can't carry it in his pack, nor walk through me to get to the bank! HA!

"Something" is going to be a 'waste of time'.

Beavis tries for about 30 minutes to get the box to his bank, however realized it won't fit there! So he hop-skips it to the guardhouse to the
south and runs off to buy a packhorse, I stealth around following him, swoop up the box and return it to the boat, then go hire a Pirate Crew!
(Which wasn't smart, they notice me stealing and call the guards often)

I think her friend is "Dangerous Curves", who lost her boat just a few days ago!

LOL, she doesn't understand "stolen" so she wants to goto the graveyard. That won't get your boat back!

Seems Beavis did sneak a few items out of the box !

I loot Emerald Green and throw the loot into the other boat! Lots of regs and potions!

For a "Vet Shard" Siege is full of Peculiar people.  Someone asked me if the box was poisoned, so I reply :

Well, I didn't entirely tell him the answer to HIS question, just another one that wasn't asked yet! So, El Chupacabra goes down!

Emerald Green wants that box! But, I'd rather loot El Chupacabra and throw it all into the other boat!

I loot the corpse clean and everyone starts to attack! However, now it's too late! No Loot for Them!

That other boat is filling up!

Lestat the III gets curious!

Lord MageSlayer the murderer is not amused by my antics or my crew of rangers!

Little do I know he's a Tamer!


Hmm. Why did I get fame?

Seems he no longer owns Brit!

Another one peeks in!

Now to loot this corpse and avoid the Noto's, I keep turning the boat around and around, keeping it impossible
to target myself while gray! HA!

Love Handles attacks me...for no reason! Oh No!

Guess he wants another shot at trying to cure DP! I find it funny he spelled out "as*"

That's all folks!