Episode 162 - Farnor mines in his sleep and pays ! 8/20/02

 One fine afternoon I sailed by the Minoc Cliffs, and observed Farnor mining away. He was in the "Sea Trance" and mining feverously, and it seems without a boat manifest as well. I killed him with a few ebolts, but he was not in a lootable spot, and his planks were locked. There basically was no course of action I could take to confiscate his goods, but then after 10 minutes he woke up from his trance! He sailed his boat backwards a few tiles, just enough for me to think of a plan! I stopped his boat and told him "I can ress, let me on board!". Sure enough, he let me on board! Now, I said I could ress, but I never said I would ress him. Sure, it's downright sneaky what I said, but you learn to talk like this when you work in a governmental office!

So, that's when the cameras start rolling....

Here you see where I just came aboard. The bones on the other boat belong to Miner Joe, who died
to observe the ghostly habits of Farnor.

First plan of action was to move all the ore onto my boat. No key was in the hold, and I didn't see one on the corpse.


With all the ore moved, time to check the corpse for anything I may have missed...

Hooray for timing! Farnor finally decided to start moving his boat, and right after I found his ship key nested in a few bags!

Farnor now realizes that all is lost. He's dead, I have his ship key, and 'recall' doesn't work on Siege. Basically,
the ship is now mine. Dead Miner Joe on the other boat comes aboard for a ress, and back onto his boat to go secure the loot.

Also in the loot was about 10 fully charged Prospector Tools and a pair of mining gloves!

Finally, Farnors boat was confiscated and locked up in the Customs House. His Ore, obviously obtained
in a questionable fashion will be cured and treated then released to the public.