Episode 161 - Methon is seriously pissed off with good reasons! 8/20/02

I was patrolling the Britain Bank early one morning, when I saw "Methson" with a boat in the Castle Moat. Not only are these areas marked "No Wet Docking" (Signs are missing it seems, maybe at Vesper being repainted), but his boat looks quite shoddy. Enlisting the aide of two local yokels, Dagashi and Sanford, I was able to confiscate his boat and secure it in the Customs Office. Needless to say, Methson was quite irate and accused me of going 'above the law'. 

I thought this was all the dealings I would have with Methson, but I was wrong. A few days later he was on the bank roof trying to quickly sell two "power scrolls", one +10 Resist and +5 magery. These certainly came from some vermin out of the city, and were not sanitized, nor reported on Methson's Income Tax according to Dagashi, the TAX man I met the other day. I confiscated both his his power scrolls!

Methson had enough, and reported me to the Judge at Yew!


The day Publish 16 was introduced on Siege Perilous, it seems that the lands of Ilshenar adopted "Trammel Rules" and all prices were that of a normal shard. Well, seeing how the cheapest boat in a normal city were 80k and a Ilshenar boat cost 10k, I stocked up on 15 small ships that day! Needless to say, it does look quite suspicious walking around with 15 boats.


I get sidetracked and tell Carbon about the Publish 16 stealing bugs that exist, and we get back on track, and I bet GM Judge Carbon $5 that it was Methson that has paged on me (I have confiscated so many goods this morning, it really could have been anyone)


So, it comes out it was Methson!


Now that Judge Carbon grants me a pardon and a beer coupon, I can get back to work!

* And I write Methson's name in my little book of people to REALLY investigate *