Episode 160 : LBC For Hire! 

The LBC (Legitimate Businessmans' (and Woman) Club) of Siege has been 'contracted' to steal, kill, and loot  "SIR CASTALOT" 

Our client wished to remain anonymous, but rest assured, his reasons for getting revenge on SIR CASTALOT are very warranted. GM's would not
assist the client, and he was incapable of delivering the 'player justice' that he saw fit. Being around for some time, he thought maybe I could help him out, and
asked me to do so for a small price. After hearing the story about his problems with  SIR CASTALOT, I was more than happy to be paid to do what I normally do for free! 

Someone showed me a new stuck spot on Siege that is a bit humorous, but mostly useless. My FIRST true victim shall be SIR CASTALOT
(To continue to fool CASTALOT, I have decided to really use that disguise kit for every encounter)


This spot is a rug tile in the roof of the Jewelry shop! 
I guess he saw me teleport down, so he did as well. Next time, I should block all but one teleport spot, but
then again he could also gate out. 

No disguise can beat a 'newbie' look and the premise of free loot! Jack of Shadows, the nude with green hair, tags along for this one...



I hand SIR CASTALOT 1,000 gold and a box with some 'goodies' inside.

Even before I can say "BRB" he opens and snoops around the box ! HA! 
Unlocked Deadly Poison Crate  inside! 

He tries to run as his last effort, but doesn't get far with the provisioner and two looters standing by. 

That's the box I gave him on the right. After getting all his regs, and my 1,000 gold back, it was off to the bank!

The next day, SIR CASTALOT is banksitting, and it seems he's selling kegs, I snoop and he has 50 of each reg. 
I wondered, how could I relieve him of those regs?

His horse goes wild! And out of pure luck, I tamed a dog and brought it to the bank with me. 
I was wondering if a tamed pet could come in handy at the bank for some reason, and as luck would have it, today it did!

Thanks to the new menus, I can order my dog to attack the horse without saying a word!
SIR CASTALOT thinks about ebolting my dog, but changes his mind. It seems he has that "Query criminal actions" tag marked. DAMN!


Terlis of Ishath orders his horse to attack the other horse as well! And this time, SIR CASTALOT does ebolt poor Daisy! HA!

Total Loss : 50 of each reg and his Pinky Suit. 
Someone resses CASTALOT and he claims "I knew that would happen"

The "I'm not a newbie" quote. Classic. 

Flanna Braith is saddened by Daisy's death, and gets a new dog for me, however CASTALOT stood far enough
from the bank, and lost another 48 bloodmoss! 

The next day, SIR CASTALOT was banksitting on the roof, and not responding to my Perma-Grayness. 
I decide to change disguises, teleport onto the roof, stealth over, then plant a little "Surprise" at his feet and see how long till he wakes up....

He woke up quite quickly, and sure enough snooped into that same Deadly Poisoned Unlocked Chest from the other day! 


WOW! What a haul this time! 


He starts casting flamestrike, and following me around. Guess I have to grab something else since payback is a bitch...

We meet back at the bank, I change names yet again and let him kill me with no loot to clear my perma. 
Then we can finally sit and talk a bit, and I claim I have looted hundreds of regs from his corpse, so we are nowhere near "Even"....

"I don't lose hundreds of regs". 
Second, the client enjoyed that 3rd quote there - because it's very relative to WHY I was hired (as in, the way he does get his stuff). 

Well, he steps away from the bank twice again, and loses more regs!


Finally, SIR CASTALOT gets the idea that he's being given extra attention lately, and it's time to spill some beans...



"I don't even know how to use dp" - I don't know what he's trying to say here - is he obvlious to how the DP crate worked ?
Or trying to say I never killed him with DP ? I try and see if he will pay me to leave him alone, but it doesn't work. 


SIR CASTALOT has his ICQ# handy, perfect for making sure he sees this episode! I take off and steal a power hero-hued katana
from William X in town, and return to see SIR CASTALOT talking to Anthony, a red I rob often, on the bank. Time to teleport and stealth in 
on the conversation! 


Well, if Anthony thinks I'm done robbing him, he has another thing coming!  I see he has about 45 Ash on hand, and, 
SIR CASTALOT steps right off the bank and looses yet more regs! Finally someone takes pity on him on pays 8,000 gold 
and gives him an NPC to follow him around to call the guards on me. (At least that's what he told me, who would admit to 
paying 8,000 gold to protect regs worth 100-150 gold?

I do three explosion spells from a safe distance, and his personal guards finally falls down! So much for that plan! 

The client is pleased - even though this doesn't replace his lost items, the satisfaction of seeing SIR CASTALOT in 
this predicament was worth every piece of gold, he even thinks he underpaid me! After all, I didn't directly kill 
SIR CASTALOT, he killed himself three times. 

Like I stated, the clients name is a confidential! 

* He also lost 89 pearl to a fellow guild mate the day before!
Other losses thanks to guild mates include 50 more of each reg, and ab extra 67 Pearl!