Episode 158 : More Siege Fun

Last night was so darn fun, I couldn't help but stay up late tonight as well. 

Jhelom is alive and well...unlike Rina! It's a race to see who can loot Rina Faster...between myself, and Rina!

On the way out, I try my luck on someone with 3 Golems. If there was one thing about Jhelom I love, 
it's the Teleports to the other two islands! 

I am running around Papau, and notice a boat in the UO Map, and no names. I hide and stealth on in
to find someone using their boat to safely kill the monsters in Papau...well, this smells of opportunity! 
All I can do is sit, and wait for Beli Mawr to leave his ship...

I snag the key UNNOTICED! Beli says "HAIL!" and then realizes he can't get back on his boat, and hides. 
now it's a race to unlock the plank, board the boat, and take off before he can get back on!


For those that don't know Siege very well, houses and boats cost almost 10x more than normal !
You're best price would be a faction town set on the LOW price system, and today it's Moonglow city, the
CHEAPEST someone could buy a large dragon ship is 92,401 gold!

I sure hope he wasn't trying to kill the betrayer to get a Power Crystal...because I just nabbed it!

Another Red in Town!

Hitting the swamps, I find "Puff" just came through a gate portal, I bet money the Shadowclan orcs sent him here!


Sometimes...I just can't help but being an ass. Forgive me. Technically though, I just asked him to HAND me two pouches, not 
"Sure, I'll trap them, hand me two pouches!". I would make a good con man. 

Another Red in town, who just lost all his Ash! (the guy saying BANK)

The girl with a white hat is weilding a Power Sword, and steps away from "Crazy Joe" whenever I get close. 
Well, I need to steal something small, like a potion from her, and get her to attack me. There is only one way to get close though...Incognito!
I snag the potion and run like hell!

When I return, she no longer has the sword...looks like no power sword for me today. ><

remember her? ^^ She tries to explain she knows many thieves, and names off about 6, all of which I don't know on this shard. 
Then again, I just really started playing here..pretty soon she can say she knows 7 thieves quite well!


Two factioners start to duke it out...to the victor goes the attempt to get the spoils before Crazy Joe!
After getting quite a bit of potions, I realize nobody is picking a fight with me....

He runs FAST and I miss stealing his spear on every disarm. I'm running low on those looted potions...


Oh dear, this is not good news!

And he won!

Stifler here is the reason that Mona Lisa didn't have her Power Sword! While I was hiding to get rid of my 
grayness, she cast Gate Portal for someone, and Stifler stole it! 

He is a swell guy (Moreso since I tried to scam him with a non-newbie floppy hat a few days ago!) 
and gives me the burden of selling it...the most I can probably get is 4-5k. 

I hit Jhelom again, and see someone run into the Inn. I track, and find him in one of the rooms...
it seems he logged out hidden, but didn't realize or care it will take him about 3 minutes to actually Log out! 



Moving onto Papau, I loot a chaos Dragoon that GRANDOR kills...but in the process, GRANDOR gets himself killed!



I hide the loot and go back and clean out the corpse, then bank it all. Guess who shows up at the bank?


Stray has a fine weapon! And she's going to the Graveyard for a duel...well, seems the duel will have an 
unexpected participant!

(158-58.jpg missing, the "you steal the hammer" picture. Damnit)

I run back into town, and she's a tad angry at me!

But she pulls out ANOTHER Vanquish Hammer! 



10,000 for two vanquish hammers isn't bad, since I RARELY see a macer on this shard!

And now, the reason why I steal is.....