Episode 157 : Lootin' and Stealin', on Siege!

I found some spare time in my life, and had to log into Siege Perilous this week. We got that Scenario going on with
one of my Favorite things - Town Invasions! Jhelom, Papau, and Yew are under attack by the Jukas and Exodus Monsters, and this means
one thing -- Good Looting!

Then Golems hit HARD - I took this snapshot a little too late, but I had 0/70 hits and 0/100 stamina, however
I could still walk away (Not run). Doesn't get much closer than that!

Juka Lords hit the worst! I die trying to lure a few to the bank, but Zantilas makes up for my death!

Someone seems to have died while looting themselves, making it easier for myself! And then a rare sight, finding bones 
with a fool stash of loot!

Since there were only half a dozen folks in Jhelom, and word got around I was looting, they all took off. Oh well, time to go to Britain and go Town Stealing!

I find a lovely lass on one of those new dragon mounts, and snoop her...and well, one thing leads to another --

A sword of Force you say? That isn't worth diddly on Siege you say?
Well that's right! This is going into my smelting bag!

She finds me, and she decides to kill me over stealing her pathetic Force Sword! However, that was all part of the plan, for I got the 
"Other" weapon she was holding in her hands! 

hate when
talk like
Basically, she's upset I got the axe, which is understandable. 


See Snow TP over there? A few hours ago I saw him looking to buy some Level 3-4 maps. 
Well, I sold him one of mine for 3,000 gold, banked the gold, and stole the map unnoticed ! 
I bank that map, and returned and said I found ANOTHER map I could sell him. He said, "Oh Ya", 
Then a second later, "Oh wait, is it the one you stole from me?" and then yelled, "GAURDS"

1.) I was unnoticed
2.) Even if I was noticed, its spelled, "Guards"

I stealth around the bank, looking for my lovely victim....

...seems she is getting some tips on how to kill me, oh dear!

Oh boy, I think I'm about to get some action, and stock up on regs and potions. Talk about a disappointment though - 
she never attacks me! 


I was going to finish off saying, "Or we can settle it in here like women" but she logged out. 

I didn't hit allnames, but that's a red factioner there. 
Red + Factions = 

A safe and  steady supply of Silver coins!

I hit Jhelom again, and die to a Juka Lord. (40ish str doesn't help)
I ress and return to Britian, only to see the Hally Holding Gal at the bank!
I'm no longer perma to her, so I steal a one stone item, Sausage, and was noticed!
I run out of town and wait it off. 

Recall doesn't work on Siege, but it's great to let you know if you're still gray! HA!

Jack of Shadows decided to join me, and stole a diamond from her as well! Well, 
here's what she thinks of two perma gray thieves looking for a fight :


Even though she has a GUARD macro, she just refuses to use it! 
Me and Jack take everything stealable in her pack!

No GM ever arrived. Now Jack runs off to clear his perma, for there is a guy named T r u attacking him in town. 

T r u didn't stop to think Jack went away for 2 minutes to clear his perma, and cost him some loot when he attacked again! HA!

Stifler has been following me for a good 20 minutes, and finally makes his move!

Turns out Stifler and me are both disarm mage thieves....however I gave up 20 stealth and .1 magery for 20.1 tracking, 
other than that, our templates are an exact match! HA! While Stifler comes at me again with more spells, "William X" runs by, this guy
is on my Steal on Sight list, so I take off to grab the sword he WAS holding before he pulled out a hally. (I guess I'm on his "Hold a Hally on Sight" List!)

Well, doesn't matter, I found the sword tucked away in a bag, and take off!

William X has tracking and detect hidden, this is not going to be easy to lose him long enough to 
bank the Sword, so I duck into the Sewers to break my tracking...and Jack of Shadows is in here - he took someone's

I'm hidden, and there's William X looking for me...and there's the sword I got! HA!

And that little break in tracking was just enough time to go blue, and hit the bank!

While I am in the middle of changing my disguise, he finds me yet again! 
This guy is very persistent! I run by the bank, and change my name again, dye my hair, and he finds me yet again!
This time a gate opens at the bank and I run in, hoping to kill his tracking, return, run to the backside of the bank and finish my new disguise...however...

This gate portal was a one way trip....

Oh oh, did I see a red name? Yup! (I'm now Odell)

Jeez, I'm out near the Chaos Shrine and no way back to the bank, I REALLY lost William X now!

I meet Reve and warn him there are PKs ahead, and he hands me some scrolls, gold, and wool!

I finally make it to a moongate, and get back to britian, but not before shopping at this nice little store where corpse loot is free!