Episode 156 : Joe pays for "Tribute" for the Shadowclan Orcs!

So there I was one afternoon, banklounging on Siege, when a Tamer came by trying to sell his Wyrm for 7,000 gold. Well, I've seen them go for 10,000 gold, this was a good deal! However I had 0 taming and 0 lore, I didn't think that would be enough to own one...but I'm not one to pass up such a good deal! I make him an offer he simply can't turn down, and he finally accepts when no other buyers are around...

Van El Fanel is the Tamer, making sure nobody else wants to buy this lovely pet.


Tribute reaches the outside of the fort and is released, which isn't exactly where I wanted him, so we gotta do a little luring to get him
where all tribute should be presented, in the fort!

The orc Mages are already trying to gate out the Tribute, however a few poison spells stops them here and there while
Tribute waltzes on in to get some munchies!


It has been a LONG time since I've seen the Energy Vortex Purple Llama!

I honestly don't know what killed me, but the death-cam shows a bit better what's going on!

F'ru arrives just in time.....

...for tribute!  HOwever one of the UND shows up to gate out the Tribute, no doubt to the Savage Spawn!

On a completely different subject, did you know those Peach Advisors can be friended to your house?