Episode 155 : Jamison the Server Crasher!

Thanks to Jamison for these pictures.

When factions was released, one of the features was a red player could join and go blue again. I did this the day it came out, and when my red mule ran to the bank, the guards attacked him on sight! I didn't think anything of it, thought the guards still saw me as red until I got killed once. No biggie.

Well, Jamison saw this happen one day and noticed a guard was GRAY. Well, he began to think, what if you called the guards on the guard? Well, two guards spawn to attack the gray guard. Both of those guards are gray. You call the guards again, and 4 guards spawn to kill those two. Now you have 4 gray guards. You can see where this is going to cause some problems :

Jamison called the guards ONE more time...and the Atlantic Server went down for a few hours.

And before anyone gets any thoughts, OSI fixed this.