Episode 154 : Back to Siege Perilous!

Well, I've played Yblarbo Janks a little too much, and forgot what it's like to play a thief. 
I need to sell a house on Siege, so I load up my thief there and bank sit while trying to unload it, in the mean time
I do some town stealing! Two Glacial Staffs, 9 Vanquish weapons, 4 power weapons later, I finally decide I should be taking 
Screenshots. Well, I turned it on just in time, "maggie" here is upset I stole a power spear and five GM spears off her. Finally she gives
up attacking me and wants to discus the Crazy Joe Buyback Program©!

Well, that's now how my program works. The "maggie Return Policy©" is what she wants. 


Ross nearby hears I stole a Power Spear and that maggie won't be buying it back, and wishes to buy it himself! HA!
I don't have any clue about Siege Prices, and sell it for only 5,000 (Later I learn I could have gotten 10k, but oh well!)

maggie rounds the corner one more time and decides to attack yet again, I steal her warfork the decide to give my
Magery skills a test...


This fella, Berrillion,  lost a ring of invisibility with 15 charges!

This guy on the horse  is carrying a fine weapon. However, there is no chance in hell I could steal it on the bank. 
I sit and wait, and sure enough his friend with the Ostard opens a gate to their house, I follow through the gate and grab the axe!


On a few message boards (Stratics, Tradespot, Shadowclan Orcs) the guild E-E (Evil Empire) is well known for being a guild of scammers. 
One fine day at the bank I spot "roadrunner" of E-E sporting a full plate suit of Hero Dyed Armor! Well, sure enough he puts the shield in his pack 
and I run by and steal it! I run far enough out of town and hide, and then return later to bank the prize. (I'm not getting any pics of the actual theft, I'm more concerned with running away when I see "Guards can now be called on you" than hitting the print screen key!)
(Hero Dyed Armor such as this can't be made anymore. Now, it's "Faction-Hero" made, and you can only hold it if you are in the right faction. I got a bid for 50,000 gold for it while at the bank from someone that saw me steal it, but I didn't sell it...too nice!)

Around comes roadrunner, this time without the armor!

Ha, the Thief that banks always wins!

If you're ever bored on Siege, visit the graveyard!


This is by far the funniest bank macro I have ever seen on Siege. 
(Vendors don't buy ANYTHING from anyone!)

Titanium is selling some tattered Level 3 maps. I decide to try my luck and rob him where he stands.

I make it out of town safely! 

These bank gossipers are pretty far from the bank, and someone's holding something I know I can sell!


Thorn of KGB has a nice bow...but there is no way I can disarm of it in town. I snoop him and decide
to steal a simple cure potion. 

I make it out of town and wait 2 minutes, then return to see if he'll attack...



Thanks to stealth I can sneak up on him and see what he's planning !



This is the Lockpicker Crazy Joe. It's about time I visit the Orcs and give them tribute!



There's a person that I have stolen 3 Vanquish axes from so far, "Horatio" of the guild ATF. 
While Crazy Joe was giving the orcs tribute, Horatio ran by! Time for the Thief Crazy Joe to pay the fort a visit, in person!

Gimli here is selling some rares! Faction Evil hued bone helmet and faction hero hued plate arms, and 20,000 gold each!
Well, silly Gimli doesn't know I prefer the 'free' price. 


(If you aren't a Monty Python fan, then that Brain Specialist gag makes no sense, forget it)
After Gimli confirms I'm a thief, and one that is Perma Gray to him, he decides to attack!



Here's Horatio again, who says he has tons of Vanquish axes. 
He's not kidding! 

One of the best parts about Siege is Red Players are allowed in towns! As long as they behave of course, they can attack only those folks that are gray, red, or orange to them. Blue Thieves absolutely LOVE Reds in town!



Someone that noticed me stealing the Spear offers 15,000 right away! 
The spear was so freshly stolen, I had to ask Infamous to hand me the check first!
(Can't trade fresh stolen goods!)


Lesson for the day : 34 Strength isn't enough to withstand one explosion/ebolt combo!

Other funny things that happened on Siege I don't have pictures for:

A person is sporting a vanquish axe at the Bank, and disarms it. I steal it and notice no guards notice me!  He gets mad and claims
he's a thief, I look at his paperdoll and he's "Notable". On top of that, he's wearing non-blessed hero-dyed items at the bank. What sort of thief wears
expensive clothes and has a positive title? I snoop him again and notice a Glacial Staff! Yoink, I steal it. He's Perma Gray IN TOWN with LOOT! 
I try to kill him in town, but too many folks keep him healed and he banks all the good loot. The next day I meet someone who wants to buy a newbiefied
kilt off me that's hero-dyed. Imagine his embarrassment when we discover he was one of the healers from the day before and he could have had a hero-dyed Deer Mask!

Then the next day, there is a person quitting UO walking around with a bag full of loot, showing it to everyone and asking if they want to buy it. Well, I stole a evil-faction hued Tribal Spear and a Glacial staff from his bag, while in town and ran off before he called the guards!

The next day, someone heard I had an ice staff and wants to buy it, and offers 30k. I really don't want to sell them, seeing how they are WONDERFUL PVP tools, so I tell him I'll sell for 45,000 gold, and he hands me the check. I get the staff and step away from the bank, and we do the sale. I then steal it back and outrun him before he can call the guards! The easiest 45k I ever made!