Episode 149 : Odds and Ends


Ocllo only exist in Felucca, in Trammel it's "Haven". Well, the Ocllo Bank in Haven has been turned into a 
Thief Training Center. How funny. A "Thief" center in Trammel. Just when you thought OSI doesn't get any sillier. 

Curious as to why guards are on my boat?

You gotta be careful casting Earthquake while sailing on some server lines!

I wonder what her message is?


On day on Siege, someone goofed up - house deeds cost 1/2 as normal, but could be sold back for about 4 times the original price. Result - anyone with starting funds of 25k could become millionares in a matter of seconds! So I hook tail over to the Minoc Bank and Carpentry shops and look for people getting rich quick...and get myelf 7 million gold! Thirty minutes later, the shard was taken down and reverted 2 days. 

oh no! 

An original piece of artwork by yours truly. It's called, "Woman Eating Chili"
There's a flaming head behind the large painting, every time someone walks by, she poofs on them.

Hanging out as a lich at the Brit Forge the day Bulk Order Deeds are released.

I have a scale on me and I'm checking out what weighs what....
a raven is 10 stones.

A cow is 10 stones.

A mongbat weighs too much?

And a bull of course, being related to a cow, is only 10 stones.

As well as a sheep...sheered too!

When you kill a sheep however, it gains weight.