Episode 147 : Game Master Crooks

My old Bard-Looter always ran around with a Newbie Crook, mainly because nobody carries them. They are the most idiotic maceing weapon, even worse than wands, since it takes both hands to hold. Being a Bard, I didn't really need my hands for weapons or casting. I always got asked wtf I was doing walking around with a crook....

Well, one day I paged a GM to remove a ghost co-ownership on one of my characters that I wanted to co-own to my pirate's new home! GM Foster shows up to assist me, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see she's wielding a crook! However, it has no name. I give her one week to think of a name for her crook -- or else!

A week later, I page a GM to fix some double gates at Moonglow, and guess who shows up!

She has complied with my demands! Eymknota (Pronounce it, "Eym Knota" ie: I'm Not a ") crook!

Very clever!

I wonder how far I can push her...

Not very far I guess..

A month later, I redeed that villa you saw in the first shot and place a large patio stone house. However, I forgot to kill my co-ownership of my characters, and once again I must page a GM to co-own my characters on the other accounts. This time, another Crook Wielding GM shows up!

Bah, his crook isn't as special as Fosters! The day before, the OSI boards were down and GM support
was limited to only a few hours, I asked him that was all about....

...he didn't confirm nor deny the Hangover theory!

And actually took off really quick after solving my problem!

Well now, on Siege I have a newbiefied Hero Crook! HA!