Episode 147 : BoUnTyHuNtEr owns Buc's Den!

The day starts innocently enough, I goto Buc's Den and start attacking everyone I see!
I am "BoUnTy HuNtEr", Apprentice Warrior of Buc's Den, Lake Superior! I Own this entire Island!

I attack everyone I see, and they always flee. Those that try to kill me fail miserably, mages and warriors alike!

Those that fear me keep their distance and beg for mercy!

Everyone laughs at their own miserable efforts to kill me, for I am all powerful!

The only one that can hurt me, the mighty warrior, is this horse!

It's very doubtful if I can hurt him though with this skillset!

(FYI - Youngs can attack anyone, and anyone can attack a young, however nobody can
deal any damage to a Young, while a young can damage anyone)

Of course, as a Young you can't loot either ><

Pepsi is one confused fellow!





Last I checked, I have such low fighting skill, and he's got a shield, that I haven't dealt even 1
point of damage!


Someone even tries summoning a demon on me! HA!



I can't believed I missed it...but a guy came through the game with a (companion) tag behind his name!
He must have been looking for me, but I attacked him and he took off!!!!!


Ok, I lost connection but reconnect. I am STILL YOUNG, and I even got a snapshot of this
40 more young hours. Marc recalls instantly.

Then two more reds show up...

Somehow 40 hours went to 40 seconds! I guess someone called a GM on me. ><
(Or maybe that companion got the last laugh?)

One of the new rules in Publish 16, given to us in July 2002 disallows reds in Felucca, go figure!