Episode 146 : Best Siege Perilous Theft!

I logged into Siege today, to get take pictures of my Log Cabin for Ebay, and taking my rares to the bank for separate auctions. I get to Moonglow and some thief named "Horton" keeps getting wacked stealing petty things from "Saboteur" I finally get interested and look in Sabotage's pack, and see a boat key! He called the thief Horton a noobie for stealing his wizard hat, and I joke with him, "and he didn't go for that boat key?" to which he replied "no". Well, then Saboteur I guess gets a funny feeling and runs north - towards the Moonglow docks. I run right after him and find him at the docks - I steal the boat key, was UNNOTICED, and kept running for the boats. Sure enough, the first boat I encounter belongs to him!

I do a "TA DA!" outloud as Saboteur rounds the corner, sensing what just happened. 

I was thrilled honestly. In case you don't know - you can NOT cast "recall" on Siege.
GM's will only return you to the boat if 1.) you have the boat key of course 2.) It's YOUR boat.
So basically, stealing boat keys on Siege is easy. Finding the boat to drydock isn't!

Since I wasn't noticed, I think I'm safe from him, so I bring up my journal for "Proof" of this theft.
I have learned something new. Even though I was NOT noticed, if I am attacked
by my victim, the guards then will come to his aide! Here he called the guards before attacking me,
so I make a run for it.

I don't get far, and some fat guard wacks me.

He comes to the healers to laugh at me, which I don't understand, because I still have his boat!

At least he realized this later!