Episode 144 : Capture the Fort! Phase 2

Phase 1 was a good idea, hire several paladins and invade the fort. 
However, the downfall was Paladins with longer names were more time consuming to command. 
Plus they don't do well when they can't think for themselves. 

So enters Phase 2. I'll rally together a mob of real humans to invade the fort. Now this does defeat my purpose of taking over the fort for myself, but I decide to hire people that were sitting around the bank, knowing full well upon completion of my plan, they will realize there is no bank at the Fort, and return to the city. So that's where the night starts, at Britain Bank!

While getting myself acquainted with the locals, "Duke of Hazzard" seems to have gated to the wrong city, and 
quickly perishes under the town guards. To bad for Duke that patch to allow reds in town hasn't been made active yet!

Pimp no doubt has l33t Guard calling skills, I hope to enlist in my mob!


I get a few interested people right away! Horrah!

O'Toole, Silent Hill, and L33t Guard Caller Pimp join me in my plan
to take over the Orc Fort!

We are only victorious due to the lack of any Shadowclan Orc Opposition. 
However winning by default...is still winning!

My first plan as the newly self appointed Commissioner includes freeing all captives, 
which is "Adair", the Healer of Mondain! He is not accustomed to freedom, and just
walks around aimlessly. The Mob is disappointed in the lack of resistance, and wants to take
vengeance on the healer. I advise otherwise - you never know when he may become of some use.  

I learn the first mistake in hireling a mob very quickly - They don't take orders from me well. 

I look around and find a bag with Orc Uniforms! HA! I'm an Orc! 

Finally a Shadowclan orc shows up, it's "Nazg", a mule orc, hardly worthy 
of killing, but perhaps he can summon other orcs? but once again, the mob
doesn't listen to the logic of letting Nazg live, and try to kill him. 

I'm not the best negotiator, what can I say. 

 I learn another reason mobs aren't that great for my plan - 
in the heat of issuing mob justice, they sometimes attack their fellow mobsters. 
O'Toole seems to have missed Nazg and hit Pimp pretty nasty like with a DP weapon!

Sadly, the mob clearly decides Nazg must die anyway. Since the healer is dead, I ress Nazg to explain
we now own the Orc Fort, and to give him the new Lease Regulations. 

It seems the Orcs allies, "UND" (the Undead) have heard about our
hostile takeover of the fort and came to dispose of us! If there is one true enemy of any
disorganized mob, it's an organized player killing guild. I knew we were in deep doo doo. 

I died before I can spit out the next command to the mob.....

Good Leadership command....bad timing!
Everyone dies rather quickly! However the UND sense with the demise of the leader, myself, 
ressing me won't pose any more problems. whew. 

Ironically, the UND don't ress anyone else. I wouldn't either! I mean, they didn't 
take logical orders from me when I was alive or dead, and they try to kill each other!
Phase 2 is a failure. Never trust a mob to do your dirty work, you're better off with NPC hirelings.  

On October 15th, OSI screwed up something on Siege Perilous big time. All prices NORMALLY are three times as high as a normal shard, twice as high if you are in a faction town with lowered prices. Well on this day, the server had prices just like any normal shard, and in faction towns, they were even lower! For instance, on a normal shard nightshade is 3 gold each, but on Siege it's 9 gold each. In faction towns, a normal shard sells nightshade at 2 gold each, and on Siege 6 gold each. 
Now you can imagine how cheap everything just became on Siege, right? 

A small house deed that is 44k on a normal shard is 132k on Siege. 
With factions, that Siege deed cost 88k. However on this monday morning, those deeds cost 23k!!!

Sensing there was a problem, I ran to the carpenter shop and bought several house deeds, smalls, shops, and small towers. 
Sure enough, several hours later the shard was taken down and when it came back up, all prices were back to Siege Normal Rates....however there was no revert! I was sitting on cheap house deeds, and decided to start placing and sell them "at cost" of normal siege prices, making a huge profit on the reduced price deeds!

Word got around I was selling houses all weekend, and I always have gate hoppers from the bank trying to steal my house spots when I go place another one. However, to thrwart those gate hoppers, I often will gate to the Orc Fort first, and hide on the other side, then when others come in and the orcs are attacking, I'll go back to town and open another gate to the place I'll be sticking the house...I tried that tactic today with very different results...

I don't hop to the fort this time, just hide in the gate and wait.

I did get some gate hoppers...but from this time from the other end! Oh no, here come those pesky town guards!

I never dry loot the orcs corpse, but I had a feeling today we wouldn't be seeing them come back! 

Sadly, I don't have any pictures for what happened an hour later. I was at the Britian bank trying to sell the house I placed after the Orcs came to Skara, and a "spike lee" walked up next to me. I popped a pouch, and he stood back to cast reveal about 5 times, and I finally came out of hiding to tell him not to bother, he wasn't carrying anything I liked. 

He responded, "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME". 
I was confused, I was here first - he came to me! 

I had to reply to this...."Then stop fucking them, they probably hate it as well". 

.....This is Siege Perilous....I'm speechless. 

I swear, this is what he said. I wonder if he has this as a macro when he gets jumped by lots of PKs out of town?

He finally ran into an inn and logged out. I was thoroughly ticked I didn't get screenshots, this guy was priceless.