Episode 143 : Capture the Fort!

In my continuing research of the Shadowclan orc Fort on Siege Perilous, I decide it's time to try and test the
fort defenses, and quite possible to take over the town for my own interest. Of course, I need an army!

I thought making them guard me as I go through the gate would be wise, but
most of them targeted Opathu up there and I lost them right away to their misguided judgment.
I salvaged what few didn't run outside through the back gate and attacked Zurp'igig

F'ru and Zurp'igig clearly saw how outnumbered they were and took off running!
HORRAH! I chased all the orcs out of the fort (sure there were only two, where there
are normally a dozen or more...but I still chased "all" the orcs out!)

I lost 3 of my warriors, a few were wandering outside,
but I still outnumbered them two and a half to one!

I hide at the mere mention of one of the orcs returning...

...and come out when it's safe to insult them.

Zurp'igig quickly comes back in to attack me, the fearful leader!
For some reason, the men lost respect for me and aren't guarding me!

The best part of the orc fort is the local healer that has taken residence inside the fort!
Anyone ressing in the fort is automatically killed if they aren't an orc, however
my troops have the orc distracted right now!

All my effort and all I get was "Zurp'igig" to fall. Oh well, twas worth the effort!

Next time, more Paladins!

I decide to return later to play with the Orcs...

Now that precasting is back, you can have all sorts of fun "Surprises" in store for others!

They asked for tribute earlier, well....here's their tribute!

An orc named Gax has run into the woods with my EV in tow, and spared the lives
of his fellow orcs...that's not very nice, taking the tribute all for himself!

I lure monsters to other players, but this is the first time I had to lure my own monster to other players!

Victim #1 who ran into the woods!

In case you're wondering how I know which ones I killed - Forensics!
Even at 0 skill, you can tell who killed or looted a corpse!

Gak got bitten by the EV on the way back to his corpse, and Ug'aka and Gak'Thal fell on top of each other
playing with him as well!

Looks like I wore out my welcome today!